Is Scottish Actress Amy Manson up for the role as Wonder Woman in ‘AMAZON’?

January 22, 2013 12:15 pm 13 comments

According to STV Scottish Actress, Amy Manson, is up for the role as Wonder Woman in CW’s tv show. She has alreadt made a name for herself in such television programmes as “Torchwood”, “Casualty“, “Marple“, “Desperate Romantics” and “Being Human.”

“Amy Manson, 27, was born in Westhill and has already made it through two auditions as she bids to seize the pivotal role in a re-boot of the DC Comics character.” – STV

Do you think she looks the part, have you seen any of the shows mentioned above??

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  • She is neither tall enough, nor has she the build to play wonder woman. Wonder Woman is an amazon, with the muscle tone required of an athlete! Maybe if she puts on some muscle tone and weight, she could pull it off. That is, if the director can ensure that she looks taller than 5’7.

  • lucia fernandez

    well i think this girl is beautifull but she has not the amazon beauty for be wonder woman, is not about find someone looks like lynda carter but will nice see someone looks like wonder woman, atletic woman, tall,special beauty some lynda carter had for be wonder woman, this girl doesnt have that,

  • Here we go, the self-entitled nerds that interject their worthless opinions and start websites like Calm down, you’re not directing or writing the story. Let these guys do their job and we’ll determine whether the casting is off or not with our money.

  • She’s attractive, but I’d have to see her in something to gauge her acting ability (I haven’t seen her before, to my knowledge). Also, I agree with the idea that the actress playing WW should be tall (by female standards): Lynda Carter was *just* tall enough at 5’9″ (often mistakenly listed as 5’11″), and the heels she wore helped quite a bit, but then she also had the advantage of embodying the character remarkably well — this actress above is “only” beautiful, and doesn’t have the striking resemblance that Lynda did. I suppose we’ll all just have to wait and see who gets chosen, and whether she does a good job or not…

  • Come on guys since when hasnt an actor or actress “buffed” up when they play a super hero or heroine? As far as height goes you can use camera tricks to make an actor or actress appear taller, look at Robert Downy Jr. as Iron man. Most people dont know how short he is. She has a pretty face and I guarantee she will be in good shape by the time the show airs if she gets the part.

  • One word….NOPE!

  • The answer is NO she doesnt look like Diana at all
    shes not as beautiful as Lynda Carter

    Adrianne Palicki looks much better to be Ww and not this actress

  • No, No, No….get Bridget Regan, she would be perfect…

  • While people like Angela Bassett and Linda Hamilton have bulked up for roles I must agree with Melissa, she just doesn’t have the look of an Amazon. I’m a Torchwood fan and I’d have to say NO!

  • Should be Sahar Biniaz, she is everything an amazon needs to be and so beautiful as Kali in Sanctuary. When i saw her in that i thought she should be Wonder Woman, still think she should be :-)
    just google-image her !

  • At 27 she’s to old.

  • You need to woman from John Carter,Lynn Collins. She would be perfect with the right hair color & make up.

  • We’ll have to see I do think she is particularly beautiful but not sure about height and build and bearing but I’d definitely give her a second look.

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