The Team

We don’t just want to sell you stuff, we want to converse and correspond with you, we want to discuss and sometimes disagree with you. If you’re not too weird we even want to meet you!

Involvement by interaction is our aim. We don’t want just customers we want to build a community. A collective of like minded guys and gals, who love all things super heroic.

Superheroes are no longer just for nerds and geeks. They are cool, they are hot and believe me they are happening. Over the next decade and beyond the domination of superheroes in film and multimedia will grow exponentially.

Prices for classic comics, some of which are already worth over $1 million dollars, will continue to escalate and take their rightful place as established pieces of modern art.

During this cultural explosion we will be there at the heart, getting involved, mixing with the big boys and girls, to bring you the facts and the fiction, the gossip the scandal and the news.

Our staff are here to serve:

  • “Feisty” Fiona : Nerve centre and heartbeat of the team.
  • “Hollywood” Holly : Artistic pulse and in house babe.
  • D.J : Reviewer, researcher, all round cool dude.
  • Dr Horatio Flemm :if you have a problem, he could make it worse.
  • The Guv’ner : Comic expert and resident smartarse
  • “Richy” Rich : Web wiz kid and internet billionaires in waiting.
  • “ACE”: Games expert and ladies man!
  • “Glee”: Our Fashion expert and Supermodel!

And then there is me:

Stevie E: Raconteur, Connoisseur, Philomath (look it up), Roving Reporter, Columnist and Big Kid in a sweet shop at World of Although I am not getting paid for any of this yet, when I do eventually I wont believe my luck!

Doing something you love for a living is a blessing indeed. So buckle up, like it or not, i’m here till they carry me out in a box and even then they had better make sure the lids nailed shut.

So contact us by email, text, fax, phone, carrier pigeon or booberang (The last one is my personal favourite).

Tell us what you want, what you like, and don’t like, what rocks your world and what sucks.

Email me at

Don’t be shy, make it fly…

The purpose of this whole enterprise is to build something while all having fun together.

If we make a few million bucks in the process, all the better!

Be good to yourselves,

Stevie E

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