Junior Art Director Jesse Wilson talks about his design for Captain America: TFA poster…

November 14, 2011 3:22 pm 0 comments

“This project was probably my favorite,” said Wilson. “It’s set in the 1940s so it was cool to see all the sets that were created. We tried to design posters to reflect the time so we drew from propaganda posters. It was pretty cool. You have to creatively think in every aspect of how to promote movies,” he said.

“This (Captain America) poster is the first really big one for me,” said Wilson. “We designed more than 2,000 movie posters on this project alone, and mine was chosen as the final one. It was sweet.”

He goes on saying about how he felt meeting Stan Lee…
“I met and worked with Stan and that opened doors with his company,” said Wilson. “I met a lot of cool people and went a lot of cool places. [Stan] stands out from the people I’ve met,” said Wilson.

“The first time I met him, I was starstruck, but he told me to make myself at home. He’ll be turning 88 this month, and he has more energy at his age than many do at mine,” Wilson said of Lee. “Everybody wants a piece of him and I got to hang with him. He’s a trip!”

Stan Lee

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