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July 22, 2011 2:04 pm 5 comments

Although Supergirl from the film was played by Helen Slater, I think that Laura Vandervoort’s interpretation in Smallville is excellent. Because of this i would like to pay homage to her in this gallery and hope you can all leave comments about her, and who knows, if we interview her we may get her to respond to some…!

She hasn’t been in many things but there have been many instances for great photo’s from the gorgeous canadian.

I’m just gonna put this out there to see if we get some responses in the comments but how about a Supergirl Spin-off with the odd Tom Welling Guest appearence!?

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As always if you have pics we don’t send them to and they will be added!

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  • I for one was very happy with her portrayal of the girl of steel. The ability for the Smallville writers to really give the character depth was wonderful. Also Vandervoort’s performance really sold the “conflicted alien who has to be a normal Earth teenager”. Until this reading I never really thought about a Supergirl spin off. That really is a great idea and would allow the ‘Smallville’ universe to continue and thrive (as it should) in its original birthplace of television. Excellent or should I say Super idea!

  • Maybe I’m missing a link here, but shouldn’t a “Gallery” have more than one photo?

  • SuperGirl spin off would be bombbbb!! I won’t get my hopes up though.. :(

  • There were only two good things about her perfomance as Supergirl. Her acting wasn’t one of them.

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