Superhero Tattoo Gallery

January 13, 2013 10:45 am 7 comments
by Cecil Porter

by Cecil Porter

Millions of people have tattoos around the world but I want to see the tattoos you all have of your loved Superhero characters.

Want to add yours??? Then send it to

Welcome to our TATTOO GALLERY!!!


  • Here is my Captain America tattoo, based on the art by John Cassady. I love it!

  • I’m glad that my Joker tattoos were good enough to get up there, and my Batman one too. I have a Batman Beyond one too right above the Batman/Catwoman one too, but no pics of it. The Joker one on the inside of my arm is based off the art by Dave McKean from the Batman Arkham Asylum graphic novel. The Batman/Catwoman one is based off the art by Jim Lee from Batman Hush

  • james geoghegan

    Coming soon my captain america beating up red skull characature tattoo, and my daredevil tattoo from the dark reign storyline

  • amanda walters

    You have two of my tats posted…. would be nice if I would have been asked first. I would have said awesome but now its just sorta creepy

  • Hi I have several batman tattoos id love to post here how do I do so?

  • So happy you chose my Superman tattoo to be on here, it looks so cool!! Makes me feel more content with my decision in getting it lol

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