New York Comic Con

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New York Comic Con 8 – 10 2010

The New York Comic Con is just like the city that hosts it: Big, Brash, Loud, Lively and just a little crazy.

If you want a leisurely stroll, rousing exhibition stalls and dealers tables then for GODS SAKE – STAY AWAY!

If however, you want to be swept along in a sea of manic fans (many in crazy costumes) then this is for you.

I know you must think it’s a bit of a chore, flying first class to New York and staying in the Ambassador luxury suite on the 31st floor of the Waldorf Astoria Towers, just to cover a comic convention, but these are the kind of sacrifices I am always willing to make to give you, our readers the dynamic, on the spot, sometime down and dirty report that you deserve!

My first superhero encounter of the trip was at Heathrow airport when “Spidey” was trying to jump the line at TGI Fridays.

Arriving at the convention centre on Saturday morning,

I was totally unprepared for the scale of the event. Having only previously been to what laughably pass as conventions in the UK, I was blown away by the shear size of the halls and the mass of the crowds. Also whereas a few dozen people dress up at UK coms, literally hundreds proudly parade their homemade costumes and ware them all day (some even all weekend).

As I entered the dealers hall I was stopped in my tracks by the metropolis comics booth and the quality of the comics on display. They had millions of dollars worth of books on display. I managed to get photos with copies of Detective Comics 27 (First Batman) and Superman which would have cost me over $500,000 to buy. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Steve, is he kneeling down or is the dealer standing on a box, but no, this guy was actually about 7 foot tall.” You may also notice that I wasn’t allowed to hold the books even though there were two security guards who look like Mike Tyson’s big brother, between me and the exit.

I was accosted soon after by some vampire’

But don’t worry that’s not my blood. He had just snacked on my wife just moments before. Funnily enough since we returned from NYC, she has been spending most of the day in bed and doing her ironing at night, she says it’s the jet lag….??

This next girl wasnt really dressed as anything, but was offering free hugs.. Who was I to argue??

Green Arrow has loaded his boxing glove as he thought I was getting a little too cosy with Black

I almost got my leg over (No Mrs… Titter ye not) on the Green Hornets motorbike before being ushered away by security…!!

But they let this guy chalk all over the floor, and he didn’t get so much as a kidney punch…!!

These next couple of pictures are just a few things I knocked up out of Lego during my lunch break.

I can understand all these girls wanting to have their picture taken with me, the head of World Of Superheroes, but to be honest it does get a bit tiresome”.

By mid afternoon I was flagging. Everyone was having a great time, the dealers, guests, the artists, and public, all interacting to create and energy and atmosphere I have not experienced before; but it was draining. The sheer volume of people was overwhelming and I think the New York Comic Con has, like most conventions in America outgrown its venue. This was confirmed when I was leaving the centre at 3 pm, to see thousands of people in line to get in, even though it was closing at 7 pm. All of these people must have booked in advance because you could not buy a ticked at the door. An organiser told me that they could have sold at least 50,000 more tickets but the venue, despite being as big as two football pitches still wasn’t big enough.

Over the winter I will store up some energy and some cash so that I can put myself on the front line for you at the next big convention in Orlando, Florida in February.

Our final thing just to show how contradictory the fairer sex can be; my wife is always complaining that I don’t shave enough and then has the cheek to snuggle up to this idiot. He couldn’t even speak English, just kept trying to chat her up in some kind of guttural roar. (Personally I think it might have been that Giant dude from metropolis comics messing about!)

“If his hand goes any lower I will kick his wookie ass!!”

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