The Day Superman Died

February 17, 2011 1:23 pm 1 comment

Do you remember when Superman Died?

No it wasn’t when the franchise finishing Superman 4 “The Quest for Peace” was released.

It was infact in 1992 when the big boy scout was killed saving the world from the monstrous Doomsday.

Superman Vs Doomsday

Thats when a little beauty was released….

…A collectors commerative edition of Superman 75.

The black sealed polybag contained, wait for it…

…The comic by Dan Jurgens featuring the death of Superman

…A poster of the funeral

…An obituary from the Daily Planet

…A commemorative postage stamp

…and best of all a black armband!


And yes i did shed a tear and yes i did wear the armband (for about a week).

The image above is of a copy of the Platinum edition given to retailers as a thanks for helping make it one of the biggest selling comics of all time.

The piece itself reside in our memorabilia museum.

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  • Man, I bought like four copies- I had white and black bags with red print and two 2nd eds. I remember being pissed that I really didnt have the scratch to afford all the follow-up; I think the supermarket only carried Superman, anyway.

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