Which was the best Superhero movie of 2011??

December 29, 2011 11:57 am 63 comments

So, this year we’ve been able to see Steve Rogers wielding his shield, Hal Jordan harnessing the power of will through his ring, Thor with his trusty Hammer and the X-men youth!

But which was the best???

Obviously fans of each will say theirs but for fans of other hero’s or neutrals (if there is such a thing), which film was most enjoyable?

Let us know you opinions in the comments!?




  • Captain America going away.Argueably the best super hero origin movie ever.

  • Thor. Or should I say, LOKI !!!!!!! :-)

  • Captain America was amazing. They didn’t skew much off of the original story and the Bucky treatment was great. They didn’t turn him into a pedophiles Robin. The story had me feeling like a kid.

    Thor was fabulous also, yet a little too predictable like watching a retread of Superman 2.

    X-Men was fun, but so far removed from the source material I have to say I enjoyed it but was disappointed.

    I won’t even bother seeing Green Lantern.

  • Captain America, beyond a doubt. They all had their bad points, but CA had the least of them.

  • Xmen origins was the best ! and thor really sucked …

  • Captain America was the best. Thor was second, because they were able to bring so much of the comic to the screen without making it laughable. X-Men was a very close third. I liked Green Lantern, but it definitely brought up the rear.

  • MjolnirActual

    Captain America was outstanding. It was just solid storytelling that would have stood up in any genre of movie. As for it as a comic movie I think the rest of the industry needs to take note of Cap. Don’t FRAKK with the source material and you will have something special. The tweaks that were made to Cap were all pretty minor in comparison to other Marvel movies and guess what we actually got a move about a character that has been around 70+ years and did it justice too.

    My vote: Cap

  • I’m going to have to say Green Lantern since I have not seen Captain America yet.

    • Green lantern and save your time and money and forget The Captain America movie. Thor ran second and XMen 3rd

      • Wow Lance, you are Really off on this one. I am a HUGE CA fan going back to my First comic book. Captain America is simply the Best Superhero film ever made (followed by the 78 Superman!)

        • Even though I’m a die hard GL fan. I will say that Captain America is the best comic book adaptation this year and in the recent years. GL comes a shared second with X-Men. Even though X-Men veered off the original material it was very entertaining. GL went beyond what I was hoping. I’ve seen that movie 3 times already and I love it every time.

        • Oh my god are you high?? They have yet to make a better superhero film that the original Superman and while CA was fantastic it doesnt even make the top 5 behind Batman Begins, Spiderman, Xmen 2, and Iron Man!!!

    • captain america was definately better u shouldnreally go see it

  • Seems Cap is the winner here, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was COWBOYS AND ALIENS! (just kidding).

  • Cap was a close second to First Class. It was the first superhero movie that was not afraid to be a superhero movie. The powers were accentuated not glossed over, best flight scenes in a movie ever and to top it off MAGNETO as he should be and the Hellfire Club. Oh yeah X-Men First Class may be the best Superhero Movie (not comic book) of all time.

  • I’m with DAMM on this one, I really enjoyed Cap, and seeing GL on screen was fantastic, but DAMM hit that nail, I wanted big super hero action, it delivered, I wanted story, it delivered, the cimetography was excellent, so for my buck X-Men won this year.

  • Rob Richardson

    I’m going to have to agree with my fellow columnists and go for First Class. It really stood as not only a good X-Men prequel but a decent sci-fi movie in it’s own right – definitely a sleeper hit.

    Cap was pretty awesome too and Thor was pretty cool. Green Lantern was good fun but didn’t deliver what it promised.

    Oh well, roll on the sequels…

  • Captain America

    “As Captain America, I say my movie kicked butt enough to blow everything out of the water this year; like a grenade on the beaches of Normandy. My pals the X-Men and their movie “First Class” wasn’t too bad either, I give it the second place and my team-mate Thor and his movie… Well, Sorry Goldy locks. I give your movie third place because I must be honest, there wasn’t much to it. Since we are all Marvels here I suppose I should acknowledge DC comics… Green Lantern came in fourth place, Sorry Hal; Ryan Reynolds maybe a sexy stud but he can’t cover up how poorly they produced your film, you have my condolences.

    At any rate, this was Captain America with your Box Office Super Hero Blow Out Of 2011!”

    • While I may not totally agree with your opinions, the way you posted them perfectly in character was great. hahaha.

  • Alexander Weiss

    They forgot Priest which is based on a korean comic. I would say Captain America. I really enjoyed Thor a lot and want to get it on home video but I think I enjoyed Cap more since I am more of a fan of the character, am more familiar and have read a reprint of the avengers issues where he is found frozen and wakes up thinking it is still the 1940′s and though Chris Evans did a really good job playing the character.
    So for me Cap is I think the best followed closely by Thor. After that X men first class which was better than I expected it to be and although I was skeptical both actors pulled off a beleivable young Magneto and proffesor Xavier.
    I did not see priest but I was pretty dissapointed by green lantern and that it barely used Sinestro. I think a good green lantern movie is possible and Ryan Renolds is better than the material he is working with and I thought actually a decent Hal Jordan but there’s not much else positive that I can say about green lantern.

  • Alexander Weiss

    I actually liked cowboys and aliens but would rank it fourth after Cap, Thor and x men first class.

  • Captain America hands down. Followed by X-Men: First Class, then Thor. :)

  • Without a doubt, Captain America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In this order
    1) Captain America
    2) Xmen First Class
    3) Green Lantern
    4) Thor

    Its a tough choice between Captain America and Xmen, they were both really well done.
    Green Lantern wasnt nearly as bad as its word of mouth, but yes it couldve been a lot better. It shouldve been THE movie of the summer. Way to drop the ball. It cost $200 mill while Transformers 3 cost $195.. GL looked like it cost $125 mil max.
    Im not sure the praise for Thor, but it was by far the weakest.

  • Number 4 is X-men, number 3 is Green Lantern, number 2 is Thor and the number one movie is Captain America

  • Captain America, then Thor, X-Men and last Green Lantern



    If Marvel had allowed it to have the May release date, with little competition for weeks except Fast Five, it would have beaten Thor in domestic numbers. Thor was a lot of fun but nowhere near as great of a film. First Class was very good but I think fans have seen about enough X-men. Cap and Thor beat it soundly at the box office. Cap has also done surprisingly well overseas, topping 150 million. Clearly people want to see him. Way to go Cap!!!!!

    Oh yeah…Green Lantern? AAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! …Funny.


  • Captain America was the best. IT actually followed the story line of the comic and kept to the spirit of the character! I was born and raised a Cappy girl so if it wasn’t right I would have been devastated! I am delighted that it was what I hoped it would be!

  • SINthiaKnight

    X-Men was the best, I loved it

  • DaNuGreenLantern

    X-men was by far the best followed, by Captain America. Green Lantern disappointed me as a huge GL fan, but it was only equally as cruddy as Thor.

  • Brendan Monaghan

    It is definitely Green Lantern or Captain America. Green Lantern was really well done with the graphics and story but Captain America just looked spectacular.

  • Captain AMerica, Thor, Xmen, Glee, the movie, Green Lantern, in that order.

  • Definately Captain America. I saw it over three times, I really loved it! Captain America is my favorite superhero (out of Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, etc.)
    X-men:First Class didn’t tie with the other X-men movies. Once was enough for me.
    I didn’t see Thor yet because I’m not much of a Thor fan.
    Green Lantern was okay, but that’s it.
    Captain America Rocks!

  • Hands down, it was Captain America. The story was well developed and loved how the focused on his character. Hands down, Capt. America was the best this year!

  • Captain America or Thor. I think Captain America was the better movie but I’m a bigger Thor fan (although I do love Cap too!). Both were really good.

    I really was unimpressed with Green Lantern. The storyline written for it, Secret Origins was awesome but they managed to deviate and blow it.

  • Cap’s movie….the best!! And let’s stop the Class “B” categorization super hero crap! He was the first leader of the Avengers…’nuff said!

  • Ronnie Montgomery

    Captain America was by far the best Superhero Movie of the year.

  • As far as superhero movies go, X-Men was my favorite. As far as action movies go, Captian America. That is the best I can do in terms of choosing one or the other.

    All four movies I love and plan on purchasing all on Blu Ray asap. Green Lantern was the weakest of the four, but considering how good they all were, GL was still a good movie. Just not up to snuff with the other three. I’m a big fan of all of these characters besides Captian America, so I was surprised to find how great the movie is.

    You can’t really base it on box office sales because the last couple of X-Men movies were pretty weak and I imagine a lot of people skipped First Class expecting more of the same. I think in time that First Class with get proper recognition for it’s greatness. Especially Magneto whom was played to perfection.

  • I liked them all but I think I might like X-Men best simply because they were able to touch on so many major plot points… even if they did make several major alterations.

    Captain america has to come in a close second and I’m not so sure shouldn’t be first. The main appeal there being that the movie gave me exactly what I hoped it would. It was pretty much the original story with just enough changes to fit in some major plot points that happened later on in the comics and wouldn’t have been worth dragging out over the course of several movies. Lets face it, this is more about getting to an Avengers movie than continuing the independent story of each hero and there were a lot of great comics about Cap before he was an Avenger and I for one would rather see that content included in a single movie than overlooked entirely.

    Green Lantern was pretty good. It was a fun ride with some great jokes and lots of awesome special effects and action. It was a bit style over substance which isn’t the best but makes for a pretty good superhero movie to watch with some popcorn.

    Thor makes the bottom of the list but still makes my movie collection. It had some great moments but spent a little too much time with Thor playing the fish out of water and not enough time being the awesome thunder god. The origin story is often awkward and I think getting Thor a reason to be on Earth was the big issue but now that it is out of the way I look forward to seeing more of him. I just hope that they can make the Avengers movie in such a way that it doesn’t overlook any of the characters or become too cluttered trying to give everyone some screen time. Fortunately they gave each character that could support one their own movie so the origins don’t have to fit into the Avengers movie.

  • I quite enjoyed Green Lantern, though I’d rather have seen Hal against Sinestro as well.
    Thor was great but opposite to the comics, he had more hard time fighting Loki than the Destroyer (the Destroyer supposed to be invincible in the comics). Always good to see Cap fighting the Red Skull! Can’t hardly wait for the Avengers, would also enjoy the Justice League if some day they decide to make.

  • Green Lantern was the best. Funny, exciting,and showed a good use of his powers.

    Captain America was boring. And i find it hard to believe that Fantastic Four’s Human Torch is also Captain America. Sorry.

    Thor was a good movie. I enjoyed the story line and the fight scenes were pretty cool, but i thought it was a little short, or didn’t go enough in depth in my opinion. Especially with the love story. You can’t be wanting to go back to see her so badly, when the movie never actually shows them spending much time together.

    X-Men: First Class was entertaining, but still my least favorite in the X-Men series.

  • I always sound biased, but Captain america was a solid movie.. great characters, good story, good villain and great side kicks…

  • 1 Captain America 2 X-men origins 3 Thor and 4 Green Lantern

    Sorry but the graphics specifically used on Hal Jordan: Green Lantern were pretty bad and the origin story shouldn’t have been changed, it was already there to use with not changes necessary.

  • Everyone of them was great movies and left me wanted more especially THOR!! omg!!He is so hot!! but Captain America was the only movie that I watched and could not stop talking about I still talk about it till today!! It was the best Ive seen this year. Thor would be second, X-Men 3rd, Green lantern 4th, I liked them all but Captain America!!!! I loved..

  • Just wait till superman comes out then ill probably change my mind,, captain america or none of them will ever hold a candle to the greatest super hero of all time SUPERMAN!!

  • oh, for me all da way CAPITAN AMERICA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best for me was Thor, followed very closely by Captain America.

  • By far, it would have to be Captain America. Thor was good but lacked some action. X-Men First Class was somewhat disjointed from the other X-Men films, and Green Lantern was great for the FX, but storywise and action wise, would be Captain America by far!

  • Bob Billingsworth

    XMen First Class was the best out of all of them. Every character was matched up perfectly to their grown counterpart from the first movies. I was highly impressed.

    Captain America was second but lacked a lot of the character that one would expect of the hero. it was more a commercial job than about the actual story, that’s my opinion..

    Thor was excellent, but not a favorite. Its just another hero in the Avengers they got right.

    The Green Lantern is OK, but DC is not making good moves with picking their characters. I personally am sad about that because I am an avid DC fan. :(

  • Captain America followed very closely by Thor!

  • Easily CAPTAIN AMERICA FA followed by THOR. Cap was the most likable and end to end the one I couldn’t leave the screen. Never a dull moment or irrelevant scene.

    Cap is the best attributes of Wolverine and Cyclops combined as well as Batman and Superman. Steve Rogers is quite simply the most heroic in fiction period!

  • Captain America was definatley the best hands down Thor looked pretty good but i didnt get a chance to go see it

  • Captain America takes it for me. The retro tone was perfect, and Chris Evans was great! The whole cast worked well, and Tommy Lee Jones nearly stole the movie!!!

  • Captain America was an amazing movie. Not only is it by far the movie of 2011, it IS THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!

  • i actually really liked Green Lantern. I think all of the super hero movies were kinda cheesy this year, but this one really stood out for me. 2012 is gonna be a good one for superheros, i mean man of steel, Dark knight rises, Avengers, reboot Spiderman, and Ghost Riders are just a few i am looking forward to.

  • For me it was this order.

    Captain America
    X-Men: First Class
    Green Lantern.

    I enjoyed all of them. I think the one that surprised me most was Thor. Because I went in expecting it to be absolute garbage. In fact, I loved it. loved seeing all the little homages and nods to things from the comic. Loved seeing the Warriors Three and I think Loki was perfect. As was Chris Hemsworth.

    Captain America was all about fun. It was a good old fashioned super hero romp in world war 2. Loved it. I also got to walk down one of the sets (the street where the building that makes him into captain america is hidden in) during production so it was fun to look out for that too.

    X-Men First Class was good…but I think it was slighlty over-complicated and jarred a little bit with me because it was completely different to the original X-Men origin from the comics. not just story, but characters. I accepted that and enjoyed it for what it was. But there’s still part of me that wishes there had been a young Jean, Scott, Bobby and Warren there.

    Green Lantern was also a lot of fun. I think Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan a little too ‘stupid’ at times, and we only got glimpses at things I wanted to see more of. but you know. for what it is. it’s fun.

    Next year it’s all about The Avengers for me! :D

  • Captain America ruled all the way! I was bored with Green Lantern, it was like any other hero movie from long ago

  • I thought all were great, But to me, Captain America was PERFECT. Much like the lead actress in the movie.

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