Tom Welling moving onto Marvel???

July 19, 2011 2:27 pm 13 comments

Tom Welling

Rumours are that Tom Welling is being considered for a character in one of Marvels new film projects.

The Smallville star, who played the leading role of Clark Kent, is having to move on to other acting jobs since the longest running Superhero series of all time has finshed. Being Superman for the series meant Tom couldn’t put much of his time into getting himself in the big time film roles. There aren’t any specific parts being talked about for Tom, however he is said to be considered for either Deathlok, Runaways or Doctor Strange.

As D.C and Marvel have always been head to head for top Superhero franchise will Tom be able to turn on his backing franchise of D.C that he has been dedicated to for 10 seasons of the Smallville series.

What do you think?? Is it a good idea for Tom to fly the nest from D.C or should he stay close to home ?????



  • He’s too young to play Dr. Strange. Or he appears too young. :) Deathlok would have him mostly covered in cyborg parts. I’d say Wonder Man would be good for him. The guy’s supposed to be an actor anyway. It would be an easy fit.

    • I know what you mean about Doctor Strange. I see him as having a bit of grey hair and Tom has got a baby face. So it wouldn’t really work. They would need a lot of make-up to make him look older.

  • superfan adam

    I am a huge Superman, Dc and smallville fan and whilst I’d be slightly disappointed to see him move to marvel I do think he’d do well as one of the runaways.

  • Ken Frawley

    I’m a DC fan so, I want him to stick with those characters, IF he keeps doing “genre” roles at all. That entire cast should have great success considering that they made the show. The writing was bad to just crazy on Smallville and it was the cast that made it worth watching, at all. I could see Welling as Batman, since he can’t be Supes on the big screen. He looks the billionaire playboy part as much as Bale and he certainly knows how to play “dark”, too.

  • sara calanni

    tom is a great actor, it would be a fantastic dottor Strange!

  • Well all I can say that he did good as Clark…lets see where he can go with Marvel…so long as they dont oput him in a movie that even Marvel messes with the story line too much…the last few movies I have seen the story arc has been so messed up its like wtf were they thinking deviating so much from the original story…good luck Tom

  • Anything Tom Welling does, I’ll support, but he would be great in a remake of Casablanca too, or Man From U.N.C.L.E. Why limit himself to the superhero genre?

  • I didn’t know any of the character choices but I think he’d only really fit as one of the Runaways.
    The first thought that came into my head was Matt Murdock in the mooted Daredevil reboot…

  • I’d like to see Tom as soon as possible on tv or the movies,he’s a wonderful actor and beatiful,should have a role to be bad sexy!

  • I’d really like for him to stick with DC although I think he’d do great in whatever he does next. I like the Legion of Super heroes, but I think unless they do the adult legion he’d be too mature. He’d be a great Mon-el. Someon in The Justice Society. I loved what Smallville did with them. Fantastic!

  • way 2 young 4 dr strange. Could see him as Deathlok though. He would make a great lin-o from thundercats.

  • totally see him playing wonderman as well if he ever gets into a film.

  • Yes TOM Welling /Marvel Tom would be perfect because it’s a good actor and has 2 amazing green eyes!

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