Is Zack Snyder Putting Nipples on the Superman Tights?

March 29, 2011 9:27 pm 83 comments

Columnists article…

Zack Snyder has ruined my mood for the third time in a month. Its a dark brooding stew. It steals away my breath because the Superman movie franchise is on life support and Mr Snyder seems to be using Kryptonite casting bullets to finish poor Supes off faster than Darkseid and the armies of Apokolips.

Now, here is where the Snyder fans start giving me the business -” hey give it a chance” or ” His vision is better than yours”or even “He made Watchmen after all”. All good points, to be certain. But I have seen this before. In 1996. When I heard Clooney was going to replace Kilmer. When I heard that the Governator was going to be Mr. Freeze. That was the first time my superhero sense heaved and twisted and left a sick black feeling on my underoos…of course I was an adult.

There is no way to say this politely so I am going to say it. These are the worst superhero casting decisions since Batman and Robin.

First, no non-Americans should ever don the cape. Its fundamentally wrong, like having a CCCP Captain America, or Batman that kills. Superman is core American story and no sub par actor, (Yes I watched that tripe the Tudors) and sex symbol from the U.K. should be allowed to represent so dear a story. It is nearly gone, the sense of reverence for that character. But Ryan Reynolds(CAN) can’t play everyone in every movie. Or Johnny Depp.(USA but taken..a lot). How about Jambie Bamber(U.K.)? As you can see I understand the problem I just think that some things should not be compromised.

I won’t go on about how I think Lois and Ma are horribly cast. I hope that would be obvious. OK, yes I will briefly. Lane doesn’t have the chops to pull of the depth of a woman who raised and gave Clark his morality and sense of right. Adams is not capable of bringing the kind of reality to the character that Delaney did with her voice or the intense adorable that Margot did in the Reeve’s run.

But what are you going to do? He made Watchmen. And 300

Maybe the villains will save it.


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  • Just get the cast of Smallville, and all would be right in the DC world :)

    • Amen brother. . . Amen to that. . . I still to this day not only think but know that Tom Welling should be and should of been cast as the new Superman. He is this generations Superman, look at Smallville and how great and historical it is, the longest action scfi drama tv series ever, its in the book of records its a mile stone for tv shows, it one of the very and i mean very few tv shows, great tv shows that made it to 10 seasons and past 200 epsiodes. and Erica durance is the best and hottest Lois Lane ever, along with Teri Hatcher

    • I agree wholeheartedly!!
      This is gonna suck.

    • This is a waste, a weak and dumbass argument. The fuckin guy who wrote the article can’t even spell Apacolypse. Good Lord, it sucks when people who are not true comic fans, are out there sayin shit like this. Its like the right-wing-rebulican-type-christians who walk around with signs protesting homosexuals and heavy metal, wasting our/there time. Plus they make the rest of us look bad. These complaints sound more like that of a video gamer rather than a comic geek. Go back to your 360 in moms basements. You would think after this many years of comic-book-movies that people would loosen the hell up and just take them as they come. Some are great, some are okay, some are amazing, but there hasn’t been a Marvel or DC movie that actually SUCKED since Superman Returns.

      • You do realize Apokolips is the planet Darkseid rules over right, he spelled it correct

      • Dude You Cant Spell

        It’s spelled Apocalypse. What a noob complaining about someone else’s spelling when you can’t even spell right yourself.

  • Dear god, KEEP THE JOHN WILLIAMS THEME MUSIC! If nothing else from this likely trainwreck of a movie will work, keep the John Williams score. Don’t let Hans Zimmer and his team of ghostwriters butcher another great legacy and franchise.

  • I agree 100% with Brad. Keep the Williams score.

  • Just bring back the Cast of Superman Returns

    • Thank you, someone who has the same idea as me. What is wrong with bradon routh as Superman he did a great job.

      • Routh? as Supes again? No way! Maybe I am a little off base with this, but his portrayal of the Man of Steel, left me wanting….someone else to play him! He came off making Superman look like such a wimp! No character, no strength. No dialogue. He might as well been a stand in. Most of his acting was CGI anyway. He has no physique, no muscle tone. His hair was always messy when flying. He looked awkward during most of his scenes. Maybe it wasn’t his fault. But he does not carry Supes well at all. Tom Welling would be THE choice of actor if only the powers that be would pay him to don the tights and cape! He is the Personna of Superman! A great actor with all the looks, strength and fortitude to pull it off!

        • Tom is only lacking the height, but many or may I say all who watch Smallville he is best choice. Why because now we all have that image of the Superman we all want…

          • DaNuGreenLantern

            tom is huge, in smallville they put all his cast mates on apple boxes to make them look normal height around him

        • Actually, Brandon Routh’s Superman was as close to Christopher Reeve’s as it can get. he had all that of Chris’ portrayal. The only thing that made Returns such a bad movie was, not his acting, but the horribly written script. I think if they would’ve given him a better cast to work with and a much better script, he could’ve made Superman as memorable as Chris Reeve’s did.

          • He may have been close to Christopher Reeves, the man, but he had no where near the gravitas of his ability to play Clark/Superman.

            Face facts, Routh’s Supes was rubbish and utterly unable to command the screen. Had your opinion been the overriding one then the movie would have been a success, but it was a failure on many fronts. He simply doesn’t have the chops to pull big red off convincingly.

        • Routh just didn’t have the hardness about him to pull off some of the darker stuff we are gonna see in Man of Steel. Finally going to get to see some Superman action which was epically lacking in every Superman film ever made, other than some of the animated ones. But all in all, you have to remember that most of the people making these films aren’t even comic book fans. It has, and always will be, about how much money they can make. NEVER will it be about how the fans will react. Shame, I know, but that’s the sad truth of the matter.
          But in my humble opinion, this will be the best Superman movie ever made. Sure some of the characters aren’t spot on, but that’s every single comic related movie ever made. And to hold grudges or not like the movie based on any of that, shows how little of a fan some people really are. Be thankful we are even getting these kinds of movies at all! It could be worse, we could still be getting nothing but chick flicks and unoriginal horror movies. Chin up everyone and support your superheros from all universes!!!

  • I couldnt agree more. Superman has always been an American comic hero, and should therefore be portrayed BY one. To do otherwise is a kick in the giblets. And niples? NIPLES??? AYFKM??? Superman has ALWAYS been a wholesome entertainment factor that has had MORALS, and you go and do something sick like that you are just ASKING for it to fail. And I am not looking with hope at this movie due to the fact that he did watchmen, I actually was bored as SHIT watching that movie. I just had so much into watching that loooong ass movie that I just had to finish it to see what the hell happened and was glad it was over. Now 300 on the other hand, I have watched MANY times, and if you were to just tell me that this guy did THAT and NOT mention Watchmen, I would look forward to this with a glimmer of hope in my eye, until you say the word nipple again and I remember that god awful Batman suit with nipples. (Notice they had it on HIS outfit and not Alicia Silverstones. THAT would have made the movie a LITTLE better)

  • Russell Whitfield

    Frankly, this entire article is ludicrous but also sadly endemic of “the internet hive mind.”

    We really don’t know anything about this movie aside from the casting and a few statements from the worthies involved: what we have is mostly rumour, hearsay and fanboy ranting based on their personal preferences of what they would want to see in their vision of a Superman movie.

    Last time I checked the origin story, Superman was from Krypton (Kryptonopolis if Maggin! is to be believed) so the whole “should be played by an American” line smacks of petty jingoism.

    After all, Snyder fans didn’t complain when Leonidas was played by a Scotsman and I’ve heard nothing but plaudits for “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” – where Batman is played by a Welshman. No one moaned when Johnny Depp played a cockney pirate…I could go on, but unless you’re going to tell me you thought that Bale was a rubbish Batman and Clooney and Kilmer were far superior, your argument holds about as much water as a bucket full of holes.

    As for the “so dear a story” – well, many great Superman stories have been written by British writers – Alan Moore, John Byrne, Mark Miller et al. So I’m not sure that argument flies either.

    You state that you understand the problem, but from what you say in this article, its not clear that you understand movies, how they are made or the craft of acting – especially the craft of acting. I stand to be corrected, of course, but I’m just going on the evidence of the above.

    I’m confident Cavill will be able to muster an American accent – in the same way that Hugh Laurie can when he plays Dr House. Its my guess that most Americans aren’t even aware that Laurie is from Oxford, after all.

    Your statements on “[acting] chops” are unfounded. Amy Adams has been nominated for an Academy Award three times, which should be indicative of the fact she has some talent (by the way, Margot Kidder is a Canadian – no problems with that bit of casting, I see). And Diane Lane has won an Oscar – they give those out for “chops” as you put it.

    Personally, I cringed when Snyder was given the job: he made “300″ and “300″ was not the movie I wanted to see about The Battle of Thermopolae. But then, that was his vision based on Millar’s hyperbolic graphic novel.

    That said, his handling of “Watchmen” was well done but – as has been noted many times – virtually a frame-by-frame take on the comic (rather like “300″ come to think of it).

    Given his track record, Snyder ought to deliver the popcorn eating viewers what they want – unlike the excellent and more cerebral “Superman Returns” which most just didn’t get because it didn’t have enough explosions or fighting in it.

    I’m not going to damn the new Superman movie before I’ve seen it. And nor should you.

    • You’re right. Americans are oafish brutes who will never understand anything. A pathetic, whiny group with no class. “Truth, justice, and the American way”? Nonsense! “Smalltown American breadbasket values”? How stupid can you get? Get over it, America. Listen to Russell. He obviously knows your filthy lot better than you know yourselves.

    • First of all, by today’s movie standards Superman returns was rubbish. Yes there were no big explosions and no really big scene moments which In this day and age are part of what Hollywood can offer because of all the great advances In the Industry of special FX. Which have all become accustom too. To put out a movie with sub-par FX Is just not acceptable. Let alone the cast was horrible. Bradon Routh pulled off Clark Kent perfect but had no clue as how to play the man of steel. His on camera presents as Superman was as bad as Nic Cage as Ghost Rider or Hallie Barry as Catwomen It just didn’t work. Secondly, just because some has talent or has been nominated for an Academy Award does not make them right for the role. All the actors you spoke are great actors but that don’t mean that the public want to see, or would put up with seeing, let say Sean Connery as Ironman or Glen Close as Wonder Women, just because your a great actor doesn’t mean your right for or you can pull off the needed requirements to play the role. Lastly, as far as Damning a movie before you have seen It, well that’s non-sense. The movie and casting Itself Is doing that. When they choose to hire the wrong people for the roles and make stupid choices like putting nipples on the outfit. The blame needs to go somewhere It belongs and It Is. It’s falling on the person whom made these choices Zack Snyder. So he will be full to blame when this movie flops just like Brian Singer was for doing Superman Returns. In closing, I will see this movie just like I did Superman returns but don’t have high hopes for It ever coming close to what Richard Donner & Christoper Reeves did In the original Superman movies or what Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Tom Welling did for the Superman Franchise!

    • I completely agree with you. This is the dumbest bunch of comments I’ve ever had the misfortion of reading. Many people want Brandon Routhe back, HAIL NO! He is too pretty, soft, and gay to be superman. And the argument that non-americans shouldnt play superheroes? and that Christian Bale was the worst Batman?? These retards are huffing glue. Watchmen was the most true-to-comic film I’ve EVER SEEN. 300 was pretty damn close as well, and beautifully stylized. So why is there so much hatred for Zack Snyder? These people are picky, un-pleasable complainers who will find a problem with any movie, director, or actor, EVEN IF ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET! I cant wait for this Superman, it will put ALL the haters in there place, I will put money on that, there is NO DOUBT in MY MIND that Snyder will redeemn Superman after that steaming pile that was Superman Returns.

  • Thanks Russel , but i disagree. True Supes is from Krypton but Seigel and Shuster were the first to say it was the embodiment of the American dream. In fact the whole idea is that what makes Superman a Super Man is the American ideals instilled in him by his American family.
    As for the other examples they do not compare because they are not American icons as much. Batman is a rich brooding vigilante, Anybody can be a pirate, and as long as the writers are not donning tights(god forbid) and I do not have to see them representing Superman as British I am OK with that.
    I have been involved in a couple of movies and understand that id Cavills acting is not more believable than it was on the Tudors we will have cardboardman instead. My real point is I nderstand that there are no great American actors left. That is the real problem. I do not by into a global society. This does not make me jingoistic. If you can with astraight face tell me DC has had a track record of good live action movies I will laugh for you.
    The only character that nationality in comics that matters is Captain America and Superman anyone else can be from anywhere but a standard please..I just watched Sucker Punch..we are all in trouble

  • Kilmer is my favorite on screen Batman

  • Also just because Adams was nominated for an Oscar means nothing, those films were mediocre and those awards are strictly political inside the industry. They want her to be a star so they nominate her. Watch those films and watch meh acting.

  • One last point Christian Bale is the WORST Bruce Wayne besides Clooney not Batman but Bruce Wayne

    • you’re an idiot. Val Kilmer was the worst batman. Christian Bale brought the character back from the dead. You probably also really liked movies like The Last Airbender and Season of the Witch don’t you?

  • Nice article, DAMM, but I have to disagree with you. Amy Adams was literally the first smart casting decision. When Zack Snyder was announced, I shook my head. When Henry Cavill was cast, I did a 180. Doesn’t look like Superman to me and yes, I too was upset that he was British (gotta agree with you on your assessment about what Seigel and Shuster had envisioned for the Superman character, as well). Diane Lane as Martha Kent? I have liked NOTHING she has been in and she plays the SAME character in everything she does. Costner as Jonathan Kent – Love him, he was great in the 90′s but I just can’t see it.

    Adams on the other hand I feel is an excellent choice. Not perfect, not who I preferred (Rachel McAdams or Erica Durance would’ve been ideal), but she IS a good actress and has personality to boot. If you actually think her films have been “mediocre” and her performances “meh”, then you do not know how to study actors faces/emotions/talent very well. Amy has been a delight in everything I’ve seen her in and I have no doubt each and every one of her nominations were deserving (in fact, SHE sould’ve won best supporting for The Fighter, NOT Melissa Leo).

    So, while I can see you do have some valid complaints, it seems like you’re reaching for reasons to hate [the production of] this film. Also, while I love Michael Keaton’s Batman mainly for being the first one to play him, I do know of some who preferred Val Kilmer’s performance, even going so far as to say that if he had started out playing the role first, he would have been the best. I like Bale but am I the only one who notices he has a lisp? That’s always bothered me. Everytime I try to watch him I’m like “Uh… Batman does not have a lisp.”

  • EVERYTIME a comic is turned into a movie, Hollywood bastardizes it into something horrible (X-Men I am talking to you)…a few exceptions…one of which so far you all forgot…SIN CITY! We can’t get what we want with comic movies because expectations are so high that you get disappointed before it’s even made…so just sit back and watch the train wrecks. There’s really nothing that blogging, emailing and complaining is going to fix…sorry that’s just the way it is. I hate being a pessimist but that’s been the pattern with comic adaptations, noone really walks away happy.

    By the way Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane…good suggestion :)

    Best Batman is like saying who was a better James Bond lol! Everyone has a favorite…by the way on that note…Timothy Dalton (c’mon he was Baron in Flash Gordon! LOL!)…so there! Now…move along…these aren’t the droids we’re looking for :p

  • Ok i admit i may have high expectations for Lois and perhaps I have been harsh on Ms Adams. As for my eye for acting it pretty much puts everything on a Garbo scale 1- 10 and Adams gets a 5 till I see Lois!! Ha HA thanks for the great discourse everyone.

  • That’s just silly. So what if he’s not american? Why don’t we focus in a little more. Since Clark kent grew up in Kansas, we should find an actor from witchita. Or if that’s not specific enough maybe we could found a fictional smallville somewhere inside of Kansas (the state not the band) and raise a child there on a farm until one day he can play in a movie that will kill his movie career.

    Actors don’t write the movies. If you’re going to bring up the every failed comic book movie soley based on the actor, you’re just going to get more and more wrong. Batman forever, batman and robin, These were truly awful movies, because they were written directed and filmed poorly. Sure Clooney had no business acting like Clooney while filming batman, but someone let him do it. Hell, I’d even go as far to say he could have done a good job playing batman if someone had slapped him everytime he broke out the witty do me smile when he had the damn cowl on. If the script is written well enough Sean Connery could play Superman and you’ll go and see the movie and like it. In this entire article nothing was brought up about the writer David Goyer.

    He wrote dark city, demonic toys, batman begins, the dark knight, all the blade movies, and far more. So this movie is going to suck for a far more fundemental reason: This ain’t batman. It aint dark or scary. Superman don’t sneak up on the badguys. Superman is powered by the sun and was raised in kansas and the movie is written by someone who can’t write a superman movie. We’re going to get another brood fest, about how superman misses a world he has no connection to, about how all of his power isolates him, about how he can’t tell anyone who he really is because he cares soo much. And that’s what will kill it not the fact that the main character was born british, but because the story won’t capture the american spirit.

    Now excuse me, I’m a grown ass man and I have to put on my cape, sit on a roof, and wonder what my place in the universe is. Because apparently that’s what the American way is all about.

    • I do not want to see a Nazi mascot in an Uncle Sam suit, a giant in an Ewok suit, Punisher in the Captain America costume or an English Superman. Its just consistent with the lack of tradition and value that has been chucked out the window in the name of “global tolerance’ and now it seems Superman is a victim too. Your point about Goyer prestorjon is right on the mark! I also after watching Sucker Punch – which I liked – can not imagine the dull muted panoramas, stop motion Matrix style effects and usuallly dark cinemaphotography carrying a Superman film at all. Its supposed to be bright and clean and shiny in Metropolis

      • Your right, seth rogen would make a much better superman. He was born in the good ol us of a after all. Over time even DC has played with the image of supes in comic books. There’s a russian superman for god-sakes! It’s not “Global tolerance” if the casting director chose the actor he/she thought was the best. It is global tolerance when they changed “the american way” to “and all that stuff” in superman returns. This has nothing to do with that. Just because he’s british doesn’t mean there’s a hidden conspiracy that’s trying to get americans to call soccer football and drink warm beer. If the Brit stands up and says he loves baseball and apple pie in a superman outfit it doesn’t matter if he has “made in America” tattooed on his foot or not. What will matter is if he’s believable when he does it.

      • He is a FUCKING ACTOR, it doesn’t matter what fucking country he was born in because he ACTS for a living, Therefore, he can be anyone from anywhere, an American, a Frenchy, a German, etc. Do you also have a problem with HUGH JACKMAN as Wolverine?? Because he is Australian, and no one could’ve cast Wolverine better. Henry Cavill is the best choice for Superman, I was stoked when I 1st heard it. You all can shut the fuck up now, because this movie is going to ROCK and put all you hater back in your seat, and your mouth wont be able to spit out bullshit anymore. And one more thing, to clear up for you ignorant fucks out there, Henry Cavill is AUSTRALIAN. That doesn’t automatically make him a British Citizen.

  • I find it hilarious that Americans are annoyed that a Brit is playing Superman … truly hilarious.

  • How would Catholics feel about a Wiccan playing the Pope?
    Same type of reverence among many of us.

  • I think Damm pointed out that the reason that they’ve chosen a British actor is because they couldn’t find a decent American one to do the job.

    “My real point is I nderstand that there are no great American actors left. That is the real problem.”

    That doesn’t have anything to do with Global Tolerance, but rather a dearth in the talent pool. I mean, I’m sure that Snyder et al aren’t going out of their way to pick someone incapable of doing the job – so clearly, from the people they saw, Cavill was the best one.

    Personally, I loved ‘Returns and thought Routh did a brilliant job – no complaints from me if he returned to the cape (nor from him, I suspect).

  • Caper the Fox

    This movie isn’t going to do good for these exact reasons, so we already know Zack Snyder is butchering what made the Christopher Reeve superman movies and superman returns good

    1 rebooting it ruined it
    2 No John Williams score in here will also ruined it
    3 the previous 2 reasons zack ruined the movie means he’s disrespecting the legacy of Christopher Reeve
    4 Giving superman a cheesy suit ruined it.

    Only True Superman Fans will know this movie will be terrible, And it won’t ever beat the previous Superman Movie with our Hero Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh

  • Prometheus Kane

    Its just typical with bloody critics. Shooting their mouths first, thinking they have precognitive abilities.

    First of, there is nothing wrong with a Brit donning a Superman cape. Has there been an uproar when Sherlock Holmes was cast? That’s the kind of infantile rant some Americans are capable of. Superman is a citizen of the world. You want a real American as Superman? Then he’d be Sioux, Cherokee or even Kickapoo. (Yeah. There’s such a tribe. Look it up.) As for casting, while I can’t say much for Cavill but he was pretty good in the few flicks I’ve seen him in, Adams is multi Academy Award nominee. Diana Lane & Kevin Costner are also Oscar nominees. The latter even won a Best Actor award. Its an excellent cast. Snyder is doing his job. While I’ve read terrible reviews on Suckerpunch which I have yet to see, 300 and Watchmen kicked ass, the latter being one of the best Superhero movies around, imho, even better than Nolan’s Batman films.

    And please. Don’t compare it to Schumacher’s last and only Batman film. It is an unfair and ridiculous comparison. That sorry excuse for a film sucked more than a Hoover. The casting was probably established due to star power more than acting talent. Also I have someone in Hollywood who gave me inside info about how some castings really work (I’ll probably write about it some other time) and “Batman & Robin” is an example.

    So my point about it, watch the upcoming Superman movie first then bitch about it later.

  • I’d typed out a huge response to this, but I’ve deleted it knowing it will be futile to actually try and argue that Cavill will be great.

    All I’ll say is that, although not to the same extent, this is stupidly similar to the uproar regarding Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in Thor. It may not be racism, but it’s certainly a type of prejudice. Whether he’s American or not doesn’t matter, it’s called “acting” for a reason. Complaining about it is like complaining that some scenes aren’t filmed on location on Krypton.

    • I’m there with you word-for-word. These fucks are retarded. Idris Elba kicked ass as Heimdall. Cavill will be great. There are more and more great australian actors and less and less great american actors these days. Hugh Jackman. Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Michael Fassbender, Christan Bale, etc…

  • Well summed Caper the Fox

  • @J please make your case for Cavill! I am wanting to hear or see just one piece of acting from him thats any good. Anything to make me want to see this movie! I got one, Zod. Any others? If you mention the Tudors I will laugh that wooden performance out of the building.
    Its OK for us not to want our American icons globalized as much as it is for you not to care if they shred Superman to pieces. However to say you have an argument for Cavill and not share it, then belittle the rest of us (in this camp) by telling us we are prejudiced seems cowardly and callow.
    So please state your case, I want to love this movie, but it makes me nauseous. I am thrilled to hear about Michael Shannon being Zod. I LOVED Sucker Punch even though if you do that to Superman it will kill the franchise..we need bright shiny Supes of Hope …not gritty grunge Supes.

  • @ Prometheus Kane Schumacher made 2 Batman films, why don’t you look it up. I need my Sherlock Holmes British as well and Downey as I would have expected was horrible in that film. Oscars mean nothing in this genre, since they are ass kissing awards given to each other based on how many Scientology points they have accumulated or Haitian babies they have adopted. Adams is the new sweetheart among other actors, hence a nomination. Zod is perfect though. Costner has not been relevant in a decade and Dances with Wolves (or Avatar as we call it now)was pretentious an hour too long and full of fake sentimentality and they still gave him an Oscar.

  • Damm: Your arguments just don’t hold up. Final analysis – you’d prefer it if the actor was American and that’s a fair and valid point of view. We get that.

    But the conspiracy theory about wanting to globalise your American icons is really just nonsensical. You said yourself – there aren’t any great American actors left. I’m not sure that’s the case, but clearly they couldn’t find anyone they liked enough for this role and went with Cavill.

    Its a bit like when Daniel Craig took over as James Bond – there was outrage in some quarters because he had blond hair (as ludicrous as that sounds). As it turned out, Casino Royale is probably the best Bond film I’ve ever seen. But that’s just my opinion.

    Nolan, Snyder et al really can’t be going out to make a deliberately crap movie. They’re going to pick the best people they can find for the roles in question.

    And, as far as the casting goes… there’s no huge starts in this (so far), Oscar noms aside. There isn’t a Cruise, Jolie or a Pitt or anyone like that. I think you said elsewhere that Costner isn’t relevant anymore (sure he’s a name, but he’s not a megastar).

    From that I get that they may well be going for the Donner approach of ensuring that its the characters – rather than the actors – that are known. So you’re not seeing Angelina Jolie when she’s supposed to Lois Lane (for instance). You’re seeing Lois Lane.

    I think that Prometheus Kane pretty much sums up what I think on the subject. You can’t know how good – or bad – this movie is going to be until you’ve seen it.

    The thing is, though, I think you’ve already made up your mind that its going to be crap, despite “wanting to love it.” Which is a shame, but there you are. Ultimately, that’s your loss, because if the film is the greatest superhero movie of all time, you’ll miss out on that. All because the actor isn’t from Kansas.

    Conversely, it could be a pile of shit. But I really don’t think it will be. Then again, I loved ‘Returns.



  • I loved returns mostly. Russel, I get that my view is not the preferred one. I can, however see the movie and judge it solely on its merit. My mind is not made up just inserious ponder of the common conundrum I want my Superman movie good and at every turn they give more reason for concern.It’s kind of a must in my line of work (writer/columnist/poet)to reboot the objectivity when its time and I hope all of you will give it chance too. My criticism if at time has been hyperbole, I passion abounds.
    This column was an opinion piece meant to express and work through the gut sick feeling that resembled the Clooney announcement feeling.. I still am highly skeptical, still feel Supes should be an American. This discourse has served to give me both less cause (Shannon)and more cause (the grungeness of Snyder’s style). If I were to write this again I would change very little. i feel though if Adams is Lana instead the chances for success go up exponentially.
    Mr. Whitfield and prestorjon I thank you for your stimulating thought lines.
    Any thoughts on the Cape Quake list?

  • I can write but typing and editing? well…working on it

  • Well, as an opinion piece, its certainly done its job – debate is the name of the game!

    Look – I get that its like having Nicolas Cage as James Bond for instance. Some people in the UK would go nuts (despite the fact that Bond has been played by a Scotsman, an Irishman and an Australian).

    But in this instance, I don’t think that Cavill’s nationality will detract from the movie. I really don’t. But as I say above – I totally understand your views on the matter – I just don’t agree, which is fair enough on both our parts ;-)

    That said, I do have concerns about Zack Snyder – I don’t honestly think he’s the best choice…I find that when he’s attached to a project I worry. Sometimes, that’s unfounded. The Dawn of the Dead remake was excellent, 300 was great (if you like that sort of thing – I hated it, but I hated it because I wanted a proper movie, not a movie based on crap graphic novel), Watchmen…well now. That’s a pretty good yardstick on the one hand. It demonstrates (much like 300) that Snyder respects…utterly…his source material.

    But Snyder’s best works so far have followed a template – I know that people keep trotting that one out, but its only the truth. Now, the camp FOR “Sucker Punch” are saying that harsh critics are rather missing the point of the movie and that its a work of rare genius. Others are saying that for all its stunning visuals, its a pile of crap storywise. I can’t comment, I’ve not seen it yet.

    But, I think I wrote earlier that I’m concerned about this choice.

    But, you have to put yourself in Snyder’s shoes. He must know that this is a poisoned chalice. If he screws this up, he’ll have armies of nerds hating on him forever more.

    I feel – and I could be wrong of course – that he may well revert to type on this and work with Goyer to cobble together some storylines from the comics. Perhaps even something from the Silver Age… who knows.

    I think that I’m cautiously optimistic, if I’m honest. And, its a thrill to know that there’s a new Superman movie in the offing.

    I don’t know if they’ll have the stones to ditch the John Williams theme though. Despite all their “this is a totally new thing” – well, “Casino Royale” was a Bond reboot, but they still had the old trappings and John Barry-esque music… I’m sure that they’ll do the same with Superman, despite their posturing on the matter.



  • Shirley Walker perhaps? just for the record I like Moonraker the best, then Spy who loved me, then Quantum. Thanks for the debate everyone.

  • The recruited a welshman as Batman which I would have seen as a fundamentaly American role and that has worked a damn sight better that any Batman movie since returns. Give Znyder a chance to see what he can do, it can’t be any worse than returns, it needs a reboot which means rehashing everything. I would agree keep the williams score but hopefully znyder can breathe some new life into the franchise.

  • I am unsure if anyone noticed, or possibly forgot, but. Amy Adams was in 1 episode of Smallville. And I really hope there is no nipples on the suit, I just find no reason for it.

  • I think the nipples thing is allegorical, man. Like “is Snyder going to ruin Superman in the same way that Schumaker did with Batman”.

  • WELL, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! I am boycotting the purchase of anything with an “S” shield until this changes.

  • One of the commentators on the site makes an interesting point about “The American Way” and how it should be divorced from American politics. So Superman’s American Way is the Rocky Balboa American Way – the idealism, the “everyone’s got a shot and a right to be free” thing.

    I tend to agree with this outlook, Superman’s eternal optimism and seeing the good in people…all of that stuff makes him…well…Superman.

    I don’t think that this move is some conspiracy theory, but as an author myself, my guess (and its only a guess) that perhaps the writers are making a move to make the character more relevant in a global society. As much as many of us don’t agree with globalisation and political correctness, it could be the reason behind this.

    That said, Goyer’s involvement in the writing of this storyline is sure to raise the hackles of conspiracy theorists everywhere – is this being done to soften (or justify even) the blow of an English Superman in the forthcoming movie. I doubt it, but clearly there’s an argument to be had for this being the case.

    It could be a good thing (for sales at least). Under Bush, America came in for a lot of global criticism and Obama has done nothing of note on Foreign Policy as far as I can see (and who can blame him with the current budget crisis).

    As an aside, I’d be interested to see the global sales figures for the Superman titles – are they selling poorly in the US but better in other territories? That may well be a telling factor in all this. It’s the same argument that people came out with when there was outrage over Wonder Woman’s changed origin and costume. Righteous fury erupted all over the internet, but when asked the question “Do you buy Wonder Woman comics?” I hazzard that most (on non-comic sites – and a fair few that were) if they were being honest would answer “No.”

    So, if the Superman titles are doing badly in the US but well elsewhere, maybe the powers-that-be want to divorce him from being what could be construed as a political symbol?

    So for me there are two, possibly three reasons for this move.

    1: That the writers want to make him more relevant in a “global society.”

    2: That sales are down in the US and DC want to appease foreign readers.

    3: That DC/Time Warner are prepping us for the forthcoming movie (this has been done before, only in reverse. In “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” the wedding storyline was postponed as it was due to come out in the comics and DC stipulated that it had to “comics first.” Same thing here, perhaps).

    I’m English, so its not going to upset me in the slightest, but I can totally see the point of view from certain US readers. An English actor putting on an American accent in a film is one thing, but this is a move that may fundamentally alter the character.

    Frank Miller hypothesised that, taken to his natural conclusion, Superman would indeed become little more than a CIA agent. OK, that was the 80s, but its an interesting point.

    But I genuinely think that a negative reaction to this will, if point 2 above is correct (and in fact even if it isn’t), that boycotting the titles will have detrimental effect on “getting our Superman back.”

    Expect articles entitled “The Real Death of Superman” coming our way soon, methinks!



  • Actually Mr Whitfield my new column Eternal Dammnation starts with issue #1 tomorrow. It is called David Goyer hates America. Stay tuned till then, I love your rational distance from a Brits point of view. Thank you. I however as an op/ed columnist predominantly must have opinions and on this I really do. Check this thread out

  • in the issue, Superman says he had to go stand with the protesting Iranians for their freedom and “the world is too large. too connected.” he then goes on to justify further “I am an alien and I have been thinking too small” and then the Iranian protesters reach out with a flower to their oppressors, who as soon as Superman leaves would gun all the protesters down. Is this more some for the column DAMM.

  • DAMM, Its all about opinion, I guess. I don’t really have one on the issue, but if I had to come down on one side, I’d say keep him American.

    I hear the arguments for “citizen of the world” and all that stuff, but it doesn’t really sit right even with me. Though, as some commentators have pointed out, Clark Kent won’t be giving up his citizenship and really, nothing that Superman does will change (well, we can only hope it doesn’t).

    I think the main thing is that this protest thing was a “real” issue and Superman shouldn’t be involved in “real” issues. If this, then why not fix global warming? Cure cancer? Terraform Mars to deal with the overpopulation issue. Encourage people to spend more money to get the economy moving again… all sorts of stuff he could be doing. But really, he needs to be saving the world from aliens and stuff. Politicising Superman doesn’t really sit well with me.

    Remember the movie, Superman IV. Superman dealing with Nukes…it just didn’t fly (for a whole load of reasons aside from that as well!), but the core theme just can’t work with a god-like alien who can fix everything.

    I look forward to reading your new column.

    Call me Russ, btw – I’m old, but Mr Whitfield makes me sound really old *lol*

  • It’s part of the show of respect shown me by my parents, country and by Superman, that you may not call someone by their first name till given permission. It may be quaint but it is the little things that hold. Thanks again for your input. You may have read my Eternal Dammnation piece by now please feel free, Russ to add your 2 cents as well as all of the other contributors here.

  • supermandilon

    I hope not because superman´s costume is not any kind of armor like batman´s costume. Superman wears the blankets in which he was wrapped when he was a baby and it wouldn´t make any sense to put nipples on it.

  • Johhny page

    I agree with casting all of smallville and my friend who is a movie critic and big time Superman fan, but wouldn’t that just another tv show gone blockbuster? and I heard rumours of tom welling being in the amazing spider-man has anyone else heard this?

  • Every one (especially the americans) should stop moaning and whinging about their “Idealistic” Superman film. are these the people who get laughed at on sites which allow you to publicise your own written script? probably.

    all i can say is that people need to stop looking for past reference in film and look to the comics. that means…

    No Reeves, No Routh and….HELL NO welling!!

    its a clear fact in past superhero films anyway that british actors (at a push australian) are better at showing emotion. Henry Cavill is much needed for Superman to portray the root power of Superman that everyone so dearly loves.

    This is an original version, with an original cast and an original story. you will find no film reference/pastiche/homage etc in Man Of Steel.

    Move on, like it or lump it.

    • Agreed. This movie is supposed to be completely separate from the reeves/routh films. Cavill was even told not to watch the previous movies as reference, proof that Snyder wants it to remain completely separate from the previous films. I’m American,and I have no problem with Cavill as Superman, or Laurence as Perry White. It’s about the job the actor does, not the nationality or color of their skin ( or hair in the case of Amy Adams as Lois.)

  • When going to watch the movie, have low expectations. If it turns out better that you thought, great. And if not, that’s what you expected anyway. I’m taking this approach. Easier that way.

  • No….

    the only reason why Supey is going Underoo-free this go-round….

    Is that he had an argument with a stubborn Krypto, and told him in exasperation, “oh Yeah…well, eat my shorts!”

    The super-pooch and his super-BVD’s haven’t been seen since…

    It’s alright, Krypto, you can come home. Your Master was just kidding!


    I dunno, folks….What’s Superman going to do when Wonder Woman’s monthly freind comes to visit, and she comes takes her white-striped stillettos and attacks his rear flank?

    Or rather, when BATMAN gets a bat in his belfy about something?

    Holy Underoos, Folks! Supey better take his cape and make a diaper out of it!

  • I saw that GARBAGE CALLED THE TUDORS and he was passed over for Bond and Holmes. Don’t tell me that piece of beefcake shallow eye candy can act. Name 1decent thing he’s ever done.. If you non Americans were having YOUR ideals and country trashed there would be no end to the outrage so shut the hell up with that too.

  • @Kapt Blasto Well thats bullshit right, it does not look right without it, it looks like blue long johns and looks like papa smurf without it, which is NOT right!

    I do not trust Zack Snyder, he has messed up the suit, he has hired the wrong actor to play Superman and hired the wrong actors to play the other characters in the story line and rehashing a villain he has already fought in the movies.
    And the reboot is just terrible and disgrace and them white-washing it into something DC ISN’T. And them having the nerve to put sexual acts in it is crossing the line and is not a good way to introduce younger reader to DC. I sure as hell will not let my little nephew read that smut! Some of these asshole ha no conception of value whatsoever and it pisses me off to know end. DC comics is suppose to be about superheros. NOT a porn show. I miss my real DC universe and I want it back.

    • No, Anthony…it ain’t.

      It’s the “Inside story” that’s waiting to be revealed on how Superman should NEVER EVER EVER use Bart Simpson to any kind of advantage over an adversary….

      Because if he can’t win using it with his DOGGY, then he’s gonna be stepping in some REAL DEEP DOO-DOO,

      and they’ll have to digitally enhance the color of his BOOTS, in the flick, like some Netizens have done to Bryan Singer’s Version of the Suit in SR!

    • Kapt Blasto

      Oh, and Anthony….by the way….

      Does the Idea of Zod seducing the Silver Banshee behind Ursa’s back, make you want to….rise, sit up and take notice?

      Or maybe it piques your interest, the idea of The Silver Banshee, once finding out where Zod wants to “hide the salami,” screaming “Oh GOD!” and while trying to NECK…Zod replies immediately, “Z*…..,” and then kisses her on the neck and says, “That’s all right, dear….we all have our little faults…it seems that I’m inside yours!”

      Or…maybe the idea of Ursa, catching sight of a very woozy Silver Banshee wobbling out, (and seeming to have what appears to be “mini-strokes” with every third step making her knees knock,) races in to find Zod, starkers and slowly beginning to…have a part of him shrink back to…acceptable levels….and, instead of “breaking things off” making Zod a Tyrannical SUPER-GELDING from a Tyrannical Oversexed Stallion, decides that “TWO can play at that Game”

      Now if any or NONE of those ideas GRAB YOU….then, how about THIS IDEA:

      Ursa takes Lois Hostage, knowing Superman will arrive to save her…and she chains her up on the wall.

      Then when the familiar cape and tights DO appear, Ursa Threatens that she’ll kill Lois, UNLESS….

      She can RAPE superman, which, involves forcing lois to watch, upon pain of death, as Ursa,straps him to a table, with his hands and feet tied down in reverse-kinetic bonds…heat-vision-welding mirrored eyeshades on his brow, so that if he gets tempted to use his heat-vision on her, he’ll burn his own eyes out, and ripping off the tights, revealing….

      Ursa’s Ill-gotten ride, which, she “climbs into the saddle and RIDES HARD, and puts up wet.

      Never realizing for one minute, that the Superman that came to save Lois by giving in to Ursa deviously wicked demands….

      was Ursa’s Father….General Zod!

  • Stay tuned Anthony, Ramon and the rest…

  • Snyder has already messed up with the new Suit. It’s not apporriate for what he’s done to the costume and the casting. If he can’t salvage it, then he needs to be removed from directing.

    • I totally agree with you about the way Snyder has messed up the suit. It’s rather vulgar and inapproriate. That was the whole reason that they went away from Schumacher for the Batman films as well. Snyder is not the best choice for Director.

  • i dont know why everybody’s getting so worked up over it. Superman is an American comic book, yes, but (if you think about it) he’s not even American. he’s an ALIEN from Krypton who crash landed in America, who knows what his accent is really like because it is written on a page. and i think it’s great a Brit is playing the alien

  • Do I take it that most of you will not be going to see the movie when it comes out. Give them a chance. we may be surprised! Anyway we all know that in America the Brit is usually the bad guy! It is known as acting. No reason a Brit cannot pull of the Superman role. The last American did not do it that well anyway!

  • RomantheLegend

    Didn’t his mom make his suit for him? Kinda weird she put nipples on the costume… Martha Kent is some kind of freak.

  • Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan really need to remember that Superman is supposed to be a Character that brings hope, not brooding and anger. They’s soured my feelings for this film with their casting, and the look of Superman. They will be responsible for killing the character in the Films. They should have gone back to what works and bring in the Cast of Smallville to do this film. They at least brought out how the character is one of light and not dark.

  • Leave it to the experts champ.

    Apologies but those trotting out this brand of criticism are the same fanboys who think ‘Dawson’s Creek – Smallville’ belongs in Superman lore. Your cynicism now, no doubt parallels your hostility to Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker. Looking forward to a quality treatment from Snyder, Goyer & Nolan.

  • Ok, so I see “nipples” in the headline, but no mention of it in the article. Go back to school and get a degree in journalism. This article is the opposite of coherent, and well-thought-out. I have no doubts about Diane Lane, or Amy Adams, or Kevin Costner, or any of the rest of the cast. Are you really trying to imply that these are BAD actors? Who the hell are you to say who is and isn’t a good actor? You can’t even write a decent article that expounds upon the headline. Bahhhh! Reading this was a waste of time. I’ve seen the pics of Cavill, and I’ve never noticed nipples on the suit. Are you suggesting Snyder will CGI them on in post-production? Give me a f@cking break! If you want to know what Snyder will do, wait for the film, and stop listening to douches like this who want you to hate the it before it’s released simply because it doesn’t have the cast the writer wants, etc. It may very well turn out to be a P.O.S., but we really should reserve judgement at least till it’s been released.

  • First off, I’m going to see this movie when it comes out probably on the opening day because I’m one of those die hard live-action/cartoon Superman fans. Admittedly, I’ve never read any Superman comic books, but that might change in the near future.

    At first, I had a problem with Superman being portrayed by anybody who wasn’t American, but you saw the result of trying to reignite the magic that we saw in the first Christopher Reeves movie–it’s called Superman Returns. They tried to find some reasonably unknown actor to play Superman (this technique usually works), but it didn’t pane out. That might have worked for Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain and Tom Welling, but not that time. I’m too young to know how one is supposed to feel before a great Superman live-action depiction is created. These things usually exist already and I get to admire what was ultimately done. I don’t really know what’s missing now, but I don’t have a good feeling about this movie. I could be wrong though.

    Who really knows how Cavill will be in this role? You don’t have to be a particularly great actor to play Superman, you just have to be sincere about it. Tom Welling isn’t the best actor in the world, but what he did with Superman was quite believable and I felt that he really was Superman if he was a real person. You can’t watch Tudors and then claim to know how Cavill will be in this movie. It’s silly really. The roles don’t even match. Perhaps he’ll be better at this.

    All he has to do is make me believe that he’s Superman. That’s something Brandon Routh failed to do. There was no magic there. He never fooled me into thinking the impossible. All I’ve seen up here is speculation. The only thing we can do is wait until we can finally lay eyes on it ourselves and then we can judge it for what it is.

  • David McDermott

    People often play parts where the character’s nationality differs from their own. I don’t particularly like Superman but the author comes across as infantile and lacking any sensible thought process.

  • Can we first get around to this: Tom Welling was a GREAT Clark Kent NOT Superman. I repeat. Great Clark Kent. Not SUPERMAN

    Batman is British
    Spiderman British
    Superman British

    (Superman is an alien so it doesn’t even matter)
    Diane Lane( if you doubt her, you’ve never seen her body of work, same with Costner)
    Amy Adams( in everything she’s ever done, she BREATHES Lois Lane)

  • Kapt Blasto

    Here’s a great idea…

    If any of you watched the Richard Donner version of the “depowering” scene in Superman II, then you’ll know that a RECORDING of Jor-El, could NEVER turn to look at Lois, looking at Superman getting Depowered. I know that many of you SEEN that one scene, and if you did, then I know that some of you suspect that when Jor-El Said to the Council, “Neither I, nor my wife will leave Krypton” could probably guess that he didn’t necessarily mean “stay on the planet surface and die alongside of them”

    And I know that some of you seeing the “switcheroo” maneuver that Superman did to depower the Phantom Zone Trio….know that fruit don’t necessarily fall far from the tree!

    so, what would happen, if, oh, let’s say, that Ursa woke up and found herself underwater…getting pulled up to the surface….and finding out it’s LARA…

    and it’s revealed that they are RELATED, thinking that their SISTERS….

    but LARA tells Ursa, no….you’re my Daughter, and I want you to go and KILL JOR-EL!

    Freaky, huh?

    How freaky?


    The kind of freaky that would have the JOKER storm into PERRY WHITE’s office with what looks like a CRYSTAL LOINCLOTH made by Tiffany’s, and deliver THIS LINE:

    “what kind of Madman, would STEAL from another madman’s fridge, completely cleaning it out….and leaving their CRYSTAL UNDERWEAR in the CHEESE DRAWER?”

    to which perry would reply:

    “because the bastard didn’t show enough common decency to put it into the VEGETABLE CRISPER”

    to which the Joker would say, “My God! You make complete sense! I respect you!”

  • Now we have seen this film this article can be written off as complete bollocks. Cavill played an excellent Superman ND The cast were superb!!

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