Green Lantern: Naked

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Green Lantern

So unlike Batman‘s cape + cowl, Superman‘s cape and tights and Spidey’s one piece, there will be no Green Lantern costume. It will be completely created by C.G.I.

Ryan Reynolds believes it was the right decision to use CGI to create the costume of the Green Lantern.

The actor is back on the big screen this summer as Hal Jordan as Green Lantern gets the big screen treatment.

But unlike many superhero movies that have gone before the costume was not a spandex outfit.

Speaking to Empire the actor said: “It has to be virtual rather than spandex. This is a suit from an alien planet.

“It’s not The Dark Knight – I don’t put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves.

“The suit is powered specifically on his will, his emotion, his creativity and his imagination. I love that.

“Everything Hal creates are images from his childhood. Or things fuelled specifically from his own mind.”

We haven’t seen Reynolds since his electrifying performance in Buried last year but the actor has a whole host of movies in the pipeline.

The Change-Up and The Croods are already completed and he is currently filming Safe House with Denzel Washington.

Green Lanterns is released 17th June.

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