Green Lantern and X-Men not yet hit production costs!

June 27, 2011 5:05 am 3 comments

Box office estimates have been released by this weekend , which show that Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class have not performed very well with Green Lantern really struggling in its second week!

Green Lantern Poster

Last week’s champ, Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern suffered a 65.5% drop in ticket sales and was bumped to third with $18.4 million. The comic book adaptation, budgeted at $200 million and starring Ryan Reynolds, has earned $89.3 million after two weeks.

Fox’s X-Men: First Class took sixth with $6.6 million and has earned $132.8 million domestically after four weeks. The comic book adaptation cost $160 million to produce.


  • If these films have mainly B list stars and most of the effects are cgi, how can they cost so much to make? They don’t have to build big expensive sets or in the case of Green Lantern, even costumes and they should have got the actors on back end deals, so where the he’ll does all the money go?
    And if they spent more than a couple of hundred dollars on the scripts then believe me, they got stiffed!

    • Actually, cgi in and of itself is an expensive process the more precise and realistic it is. Also, B list in popularity doesn’t mean B List in salary. The actor who played Magneto was in Inglorious Basterds and various other movies as principal roles. James McIvoy has also been in a lot. Ryan Reynolds is definitely an A-Lister at this point. Geoffrey Rush (Tomar Re) and Michael Clarke Duncan are also A-Listers for sure. Mark Strong has been in Sherlock Holmes and a ton of other movies. Sets can actually be cheaper to build than an entire world of cgi sometimes – they can easily even out. It’s not like photoshop versus building a house – CGI has become a monster all on its own.

  • DL Robertson

    Maybe its a sign of superhero movie collapse, it will be very interesting to see how the dvds do in after market. Both had giant pushes as far as commercials went, with the GL far out spending X-men. Looking at merchandizing in about a month or so though I think will push numbers much higher if not actual viewings, then actual revenue gained. Also its not to late for the movies themselves, after first run venues there is still a lot of cash to be made at drive-ins, and discount theaters. Last but not least adverts made with GL or X-men are also a decent revenue stream, use of logo and product made the Spider-Man franchise a 4 way winner in total revenue made.

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