Fan-Made Man of Steel Poster- Really good!

January 7, 2012 4:20 pm 6 comments

I think this poster is awesome… You could really beleive that it is a shot from the film!!!
Are you excited for the Man of Steel due out next year ???
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  • Bob Billingsworth

    Anything Superman is awesome, but i am excited to see the direction the storyline is going. I feel that the last Superman wasn’t bad because of Brandon Routh, yet the story made Superman a wimp. Even if Superman was stuck on an island made of Kryptonite, he still has muscles and could of probably muffed most of the guys with no problem. I want to see a Batman vs Superman, Batman and Superman, and then the building of the Justice League. DC has the most popular and iconic super heroes, they gotta get on the ball and make Marvel quake in their boots. :) GO DC!!!

  • hear hear

  • cool poster… but i think the costume needs the pants!

    • I agree. The colors stand for something about the character and the Red Trunks show he’s willing to sacrifice certain things to protect others.

  • Very nicely done, but the suit is not that gray, it is more blue than that. Other than that, great work!

  • That is awesome! We don’t need to worry about the red trunks anymore it is the “S” on the chest that symbolizes him. We finally have a modern alien like suit that truly shows where he is from and who he is. I am sure Kal-El will probably go through more changes with time but as long as he has the symbol on his chest he is Superman. Believe.

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