CW’s President chats about the current development of the up-coming Amazon TV show

January 17, 2013 2:29 pm 4 comments

CW president Mark Pedowitz recently talked to TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour about the Amazon TV show currently being talked about and developed at CW.

On the current development of the show:
“First off, we’re waiting to see the script. Second off, we’re busy casting for Diana as we speak. Hopefully the script works the way we want.” He added that Amazon was, “an origination story in the sense that Smallville was an origination story.” – Mark Pedowitz

On what Arrow’s success has meant for the ‘Amazon’ tv show:
“Arrow’s success, when you have Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg as your showrunners, that has a lot to do with that success and we hope Allan Heinberg will have the same success with what Amazon will be. But it does help, in terms of that.”Mark Pedowitz

On whether ‘Amazon’ will include other DC characters like Arrow:
“In terms of other DC characters, we will explore other DC characters, but we also do a lot of exploration of a lot of other material with a lot of other great producers.”Mark Pedowitz

On whether ‘Amazon’ and ‘Arrow’ characters could appear on each others shows:
“I think they all could exist in the same world, but whether they do or they don’t is depending on what the showrunner wants to do.”Mark Pedowitz

On whether we will be waiting long for a pilot:
“If we get the right script and the right casting, we’ll go right forward to pilot.” – Mark Pedowitz


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  • The talking adds that can’t be muted is too much. I wont be back to read articles.

  • I gots to agree with Aaron, The talking add suck, it’s to much and if you’re working on a slow computer, it makes it that it takes forever to load the page. I’m kinda done with it

  • Its about time that DC focus on their other characters like what Marvel is doing because DC and Warner Brothers focus would always with SUperman and Batman

  • No one is going to happy with the choice for Wonder Woman unless it is their favorite. I, for one, hope this show happens and will give a chance before I judge it. Comic fans are never happy with the movies or television shows because their ideas are different from the producers and networks. No one gave Smallville a chance and ten seasons later people were clamoring for Tom Welling and Erika Durance to be in the new Superman movie or the Justice League movie. Arrow has become a huge hit and Amazon will do the same if they stay strong in their origin tales, which have become increasing popular and they slowly build the characters over time into their iconic statuses and blend them into the DC Universe with other characters and enemies as the show develops. The CW is sitting in a gold mine, IF they mine it properly.

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