Christian Bale talks about how frustrating filming in New York was with the paparazzi…

December 20, 2011 2:10 pm 1 comment

Back in October Christopher Nolan filmed a ot of the Dark Knight Rises footage and the paparazzi swarmed around to get what ever photos they could of the cast and filming:
Christian Bale said “It’s just impossible to stop people,” … Which most actors ignore and carry on regardless BUT I think the cast of TDKR have a lot of respect for Nolan and him wanting to keep things secret and get frustrated.

Here Bale confesses his view on  the Paparazzi:

“I mean, we were doing rehearsals over there and it’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t just punch that guy ’cause he’s a paparazzi, he’s not an extra.’”

Even though the paparazzi did get a lot of awesome photos and footage for us fans to see it must be frustrating for them…

I think maybe he was talking to Gary Oldman about this in this picture… It would explain it wouldn’t it…



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  • I hate the paparazzi. They ruin films for us. They show us things that aren’t meant to be seen. Especially films, they show us images that make the film seem less amazing than they should be. We should only see films from the desired angle which the director has chosen. Any other angle can ruin the film and make it look rubbish. People need to realise that seeing films in a wrong perspective can ruin them. Image watching LOTR from the wrong angle. If you didn’t notice, Elijah Wood isn’t actually 4 foot tall but in the films he sure as hell looked it. If you saw it from the wrong angle, you would think the film looked rubbish. It’s the magic of film. People should stop looking at all the leaked crap, and wait to see what the film truely offers.

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