Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman!!!

March 19, 2011 10:46 pm 64 comments

Well the wait is over… after years of wondering if anyone could match up to the gorgeous Lynda Carter, you guys finally have the chance to decide!

what do we think!…

Wonder Woman!


  • Ummmm … If you change her boots RED!!!!!!!!!!!!, then maybe you have a shot of her looking like Wonder Woman.

    Still Megan Fox, would have been a better choice.

    • totally agree. If nothing else, red boots are a must.

    • Megan fox is a terrible person and crappy actress. She would shame the name of Wonder Woman. She may have a pretty face, but that’s not what wonder woman is all about

      • You are spot on. Megan Fox is a horrible actress. Fanboys need to look up from her chest and watch her total performance. She is horrible! I seriously doubt she could capture the essence called Wonder Woman!

        • Wonder Skank is more like it.

        • THE BEST Wonder Woman should be Cobie Smulders (Plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother), she is PERFECT, good Actress too. Screw Megan Fox horrible actress. In addition, if DC was making a live action in the 90s or early 2000s, THE Wonder Woman could have been Lucy Lawless, but its not the 90s or early 2000s, so Smulders=FTW!, and Lawless can play Hippolyta… Anyone care to disagree? google pictures and tell me I’m wrong about my choices, I dare you! haha

          • I agree totally, I love Lawless (Xena Goddess)she would have rocked as WW, but thanks to the studios not getting the head out of their asses, a great role for a great actress has been lost. Charlize Theron would also have been incredible as the Amazon princess. I would love to see Lawless in the new WW film. She is an Amazon and if they placed Lynda Carter in there, that would be sooooo awesome.

    • The pants are awful show some legs & pull the top up some! I agree on the red boots!!

    • You know who will be the best wonderwoman? Gina Carano! Watch haywire and tell me she doesnt give you the Wonder woman vibe of Aggressive, yet feminine! And.. she is a real life MMA fighter! Spread the word! :D

  • The girl from the Transformer movies would have been a better pick for this role.

  • Aweful! Suit is awful and she is no Lynda Carter!

  • Darren Seabolt

    That costume has to go, she’s wearing to much. She’s a beautiful woman and needs to show some more skin.

  • Not a fan. Outfit looks cheap. She is very pretty, but Wonder Woman has sharper facial features.

    • Actually, Wonder Woman was always said to have the “face of an angel” not “sharper facial features”.

    • Linda Carter had very unusual and beautiful features but was clearly a woman of class. This looks looks a Halloween World ad. This girl has the kind of “dime a dozen” hollywood look that would make it impossible to pick her out of a line up. The costume looks cheap and I agree that it HAS to be the original body suit costume. The pants looks silly. It’s Disco Barbie Wonder Woman.

  • This is an absolute JOKE! David E. Kelley has got to be the devil for doing this to Wonder Woman. I don’t know what’s worse? Him and this dumb take on the show or DC Comics approving a costume change this distorted after 70 years of existance!!! All involved in this freak show need to be in the unemployment line. Never has a super hero ever been this disrespected and I hope this garbage fails. Wonder Woman looks like a street walker not a super hero. No fault of this actress but David E. Kelley needs to be slapped!

  • Suit has to go period . She’s not bad but no Lydia Carter. Tho Megan Fox is the right choice her bitch attitude ruins it:( keep looking

  • interesting new costume but y love you the lynda carter portrait of the wonder woman

  • She’s cute, but no she is not Wonder Woman. How can they change the costume?? NOT RIGHT. This is NOT GOOD.

  • I have mixed feelings about the costume. This is the costume she has on the current comics, but i think I like the classic costume better. Either way I am a fan and I will be watching the show. Even if it sucks it should still be entertaining. As for all the Megan Foxx comments, I doubt they could get her to do a TV series. No one will ever really be WONDER WOMAN except Lynda Carter, but I want to give this girl a chance

  • they changed the suit because of feminist complaints that men would only go to see a girl wearing next to nothing and it would make little girls think they have to wear outfits like that.

  • oliver agcaoili

    Try letting her use the real wonder woman suit and see for yourself. Lynda carter her a beautiful face. Dont you know that the was named the top ten in the world for the most beautiful face in the world twice. Ms carter had beautiful eyes and was a model commercial for contact lenses, she was also model for maybelline make up. Ms Carter had that tiny waist line, sexy long legs, of course her upper built. Ms Carter had the total package she is a icon. Remember she was Miss USA-World. Ms Carter had all the qualities as a Wonder Woman.

  • The costume materials are a truly poor choice. Where’s the leather and real metal? Did they think they’d be doing nothing more than recreating Xena if they went with something appropriate?

  • NO WAY! The ENTIRE package has to go! She is pretty, but does NOT depict the legendary Wonder Woman persona. Find someone else and adios the costume! Disaster!

  • lynda carter CANNOT be happy about any of this getup!!

  • Lady Tigerlily

    PANTS! PANTS! PANTS! Costume looks cheap,tacky and plastic. Like something you would get from a fancy dress shop. So wrong! This woman, Adrianne, is NOT Wonder Woman either. I’m sorry but she is not an amazon princess by any stretch of the imagination. Where’s the muscle definition? Where’s the stunning beauty? About the only thing she has got is the boobs, and if that’s what she was hired for, mores the pity. A pale imitation of the Diana we all know and love. Only way I can see them getting around the costume change is if they say it’s Wonder Woman from an ‘alternate’ universe. What a cop out! If they can’t do Miss Prince justice they should have left her alone! BOOO! :-(

  • Costume sucks!!!!! This is not Wonder Woman!!!

  • I think if the boots were changed to red, get a better looking belt, remove the red stars from the belt & eagle, remove the “W”‘s from the boots/keep gold trim and, finally, change the star pattern a bit on the pants and this can work.

    And to those bringing up Lynda Carter: she has nothing to do with this project at all in the least and has no vested interest. Heck, in an interview she got Debra Winger’s “Drusilla” name wrong. If everyone keeps comparing all the actresses to her, then we will never have a TV series nor a movie. Give the actress a chance (though I do hate the plot synopsis. They took Power Girl and made her Wonder Woman). And anybody stop to think that MAYBE Megan Fox does NOT want to be Wonder Woman.

    • I think people keep bringing up Lynda carter beacuse she brought the role to life and di it with class. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, but he is what an AMAZON should be and is. Beautiful, athletic, strong, resourseful. Megan ox and this Adrianna are both pretty girls, but honestly, Megan Fox cannot act and she did want the role, she has a costume designed and went into a producers office dressed in the WW outfit, hands down she looked great, no doubt, I was even impressed, but she is not amazon, she is too short and sadly needs more acting lessons. When she acts she gives more attitude than delivery of a role, that is not what WW is about. No sure about this girl, Adrianna, she is pretty, but no Amazon and the outfit, I am not a big fan either. Fans want to see the ICONIC WW on the screen, later after they have allowed WW her place on the big screen, then they can rework her outfit to something more updated and suitable, but the 70′s shiny pants and the blue boots have got to go. WW is an Amazon, but more importantly a WARRIOR, trained in centuries of fighting techniques and skill with precision. I loved the way Marvel did Rebecca Roman’s potrayal of Mystique, she was bad, kick ass, with excellent fighting sequences, but feminine and beautiful at all times. That is an Amazon, that is Woner Woman.

  • not a fan of the suit it looks cheap. the actress doesn’t have the looks of an amazon warrior. as for Megan fox she’s a horrible actress and doesn’t have the looks to pull off wonder woman. Megan fox found her perfect role as a whore in Jonah hex. she’s a no talent hack. I’d keep looking for wonder woman.

  • Her face and hair is great, but what the HELL is that tacky, stripper-esque costume?? The metal is PLASTIC. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. -_-

  • Yuk. Hate it. Looks cheap and tacky and she looks wrong.

  • She doesnt look anything like Lynda Carter, and yes I agree with the people above, why the hell are her boots blue! Get it right !! Im in love with Lynda Carter the old Wonder Woman, not sure if this new one will be comparable, but I will give her a try.

  • This is a disaster. And sorry, but Megan Fox would have sucked as Wonder Woman..she’s not smart enough and she can’t act smart enough. Wonder Woman was an Amazon and she stood near 6′. Megan Fox is only 5’6″. So many other reasons she wouldn’t have worked. Adrianne is the perfect height, but will she be right for the iconic role…

  • Oh yuck! – - First Linda Carter had real boobs – so not only is the costume cheap so are the boobs. Wonder Woman was tough, but soft and elegant not this!! This is like a cheap and trashy vegas impersonator… Thumbs down!

  • no,no and hell no!!!! I’d keep looking for wonder woman.

  • YUCK !!!!!!!!!! Cannot replace Linda Carter !!!!!!!!

  • the outfit is a major joke. regardless of what the comic book is doing which is also stupid. where are the white stars. wonder woman’s outfit is suppose to adorn the symbols of the American flag. and it looks cheap and plastic. That is why the original red and white boots would be more appropriate. I just hope this new actress fill the huge shoes of the character she has stepped in.

  • This is cool but, why are they making a movie? They should just leave it. Lynda Carter is the first and original Wonder Woman. I will give it a chance and watch it though. That’s what i did with Charlie’s Angels and it surprised me.

    • They are not making a movie…this is a TV series. Is anybody aware DC Comics is going to make a Justice League movie? They need Wonder Woman to complete the “DC Trinity”! I don’t know the actress, so she may be the one to embrace the role – we won’t know until we see how she portrays the character. The costume sucks – I would be nervous about my boobs coming out of that thing, along with trying to breath! Megan Fox may have the “chest” for WW, but she is a better villain then hero. And since this is a TV show, Fox may not be versed to make the jump to a smaller screen. Speaking of Fox, her movies were not that good. Other than Transformers I and II, can you name her roles without a web search?

  • Urgh this is not nice, it kinda looks like a stripper costume one that is easily removed by velco. She needs less shiny, no make up and red boots

  • i’m srry but this is not wonder woman in no way, shape or form bcuz everything is wrong.they really should try to see if lucy lawless would take the part as wonder woman bcuz she has the skills to play wonder woman and also has the muscle tone and the looks for it.for god’s sakes plz re-do the suit to the original bcuz this one sux ass in all looks like a homemade costume that someone made for their child for halloween out of plastic.with the technology and things we have today i’m sure you can come up with something better than this,hell they came up with something better than this in the late 70′s with the original ww costume lynda wore ,so come on really,do ur job and give us fans something good good to look forward to again.

    • yea back in 90s/early 2000s Lawless would have been PERFECT but shes a bit too old and is perfect to play Hippolyta, Wonder Woman should be Cobie Smulders, google the photoshopped images of her in a Wonder Woman Costume and tell me she isnt perfect

  • I think the expression on her face or lack there of tells us everything we need to know. It’s like she’s saying “I don’t like this” in agreement with the rest of us while staring us straight in the face…

  • Don’t particulary like this outfit, but they had to do something. Wonder Woman’s costume is and always has looked stupid. Why the hell would she dress like a trampy american flag if she grew up on an island surrounded by greek lesbians. (I know they’re not lesbians, but lets be realistic, there’s no guys and those well toned heavy chested girls need a certain level of attention. so they get bored and then……. Ok I can’t continue this will turn into a porno really quick)How do you justify putting twin W’s on a woman’s chest when the greeks didn’t have a w? (lower case omega wasn’t introduced until the the 15th century by italian monks) Big freakin eagle apparently.

    I’d be fine if they changed the belt to bring the bevel across,changed the tiara into a tiara, and stiffened the boots and brought them up to her knees.

  • Anthony W Johnson

    This by far is the worst choice. Megan Fox is hot and so was Lynda Carter, this girl looks hopeless. They should have waited. I would cancel. The outfit is not sexy and neither is she. They should have saved up more money and got her to play the role or someone who is a sure knock-out. Angelina Jolie or anyone but this homely girl. Wow! Shocked! I will not be watching this. Wow! Who is the producer? Am very confused.

  • What is it with Megan Fox – she is a horrible actress. Can you name her roles without a web search? Furthermore, she would probably trash the staff, show and fans in one of her rants! What you folks need to do is stop looking at her breasts and look at what she would bring to the character. Also, this is a TV show and she could not do TV – too many words in the scripts! And, the worries about Linda Carter. Linda is upright and taking nourishment. This is not the 70′s version of WW; welcome to 2011 – things change (for your Batman fans). I agree – the costume is different, but you miss the point the designers what to be different – much like our opines!

  • She kool but Katy Perry. Would. Have been nice too!

  • I thinking i would like to see Adrianne Palicki in the movie ;)

  • Wonderwoman fan

    She doesn’t look hard core enough for the role. AND no RED boots!!!! Sorry I don’t think she makes a good WW!

  • Hate to harp on the subject but Wonder Woman has been my hero since birth, and I’m 34. I was first extremely upset when I learned that they changed her trademark superhero costume for a black waist jacket, black pants, and black military type boots. THEN when I heard they were making a TV show (and I urge everyone to check out the four minutes of filming on of the shameful attempt) and I was actually happy… until I saw who they picked. Then I saw the costume like above however she wears something totally different in the show…. Look, I’m into movies and stories of super heroes. We need them like Batman, he’s cool, right? I understand that wearing black makes the hero look fierce but there is someone out there who can update Wonder Woman’s look without compromising the red boots, the cuff bracelets WITH THE RED STARS, and the blue bottoms with the stars. She is a beautiful character who could really make a great idea for a movie if someone can find the right writer. Just saw the movie the “Priest” and the female priest in the movie would make an EXCELLENT Wonder Woman.

  • WTF! Did they just decide to pick someone who has never read one of the comics or watch any of the tv series to design this atrocity that they call a costume? Nothing about says Wonder Woman down to the actress wearing it. No offense to the actress but she does have that generic look about her. Wonder Woman needs to be subtly sexy yet able to beat the crap out of anyone that stands in her way and this chick is not it.

  • That is the worst outfit ever. Did someone make it for a cheap porn film version of the comic book. Need an actress who can kick ass like Uma therman (not her though) but someone like her.

  • lorree jo grey bear

    i think jessica biel is a better choice for wonder woman

  • First off tights? Lame. Blue boots? Lame. And I don’t know who this girl is but not hot enough or athletic enough for WW. I’m skipping this movie, I smell Elektra parry two inn the cheese factor

  • Linda Carter had the look and the personality to make Wonder Woman work. A Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) type would do the job. I know nothing of this actress so can’t judge.

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