Adrianna Palicki talks Friday Night Lights, Red Dawn, G.I.Joe, Wonder Woman and which superhero she would want to play on the big screen

November 29, 2012 1:44 pm 1 comment

A.V. Club recently talked to Adrianna Palicki, who played Wonder Woman in the pilot in the cancelled TV series, about her latest film roles, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and more…

Read what she said below:

AVC: Watching you on Friday Night Lights, it didn’t seem inevitable that you’d be headed for action roles. Is that something you anticipated for your career?

AP: No, it wasn’t. But I think what you touched on before is that I tend to play very strong female characters, and action stars and superheroes are probably the strongest female characters. But it’s just been such a pleasure to get to play these. It’s super-fun to get to do your own stunts, and I’ve learned so much. With this, gun training. With G.I. Joe, I was trained by Navy SEALs for months on end. And for Wonder Woman, I was trained in hand-to-hand combat. It was like, “I’m getting paid to learn all these amazing skills!” And look like a badass doing it, hopefully. But Wonder Woman was pretty much the coolest. I’ve always dreamt about being Wonder Woman. I got to wear the costume. The lasso. Everything.

AVC: You’re also playing Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe. You were kind of Supergirl on Smallville [in the season-three finale]. How do you approach playing all these iconic roles vs. playing a character like Toni in Red Dawn, where the point is that she could be anyone in any town?

AP: I try to play them both like they’re the same. I know it sounds crazy, but I think that being a badass, or whatever—you still want people to root for you. I think being as realistic as possible is the way to do that. I want to pull on people’s heartstrings if I can. If I’m too up-here, it doesn’t come through. I try to do the same in all the characters, ultimately, and find the vulnerable place, so you can see the character for who they truly are. Even if they’re Wonder Woman.

AVC: Did you find the Tyra-like vulnerability in Wonder Woman?

AP: Yeah, I did. For Wonder Woman, it was hard that she was alone. She’s in this place by herself, and everybody’s looking to her as this big icon, this one thing, and she has to create an alter ego just to get by. And even then, she can’t have people around her, because it’s too dangerous, and nobody understands. She has her own demons and vulnerabilities as well.

AVC: Between having done Wonder Woman, Smallville, and Aquaman, it seems like you’re eventually going to end up in a superhero movie.

AP: I really hope so. I would love to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. And if not, Supergirl. I know it’s not the coolest character, but I fell in love with her. My brother is a comic-book writer, and I was always in love with comics. My brother would always be reading all these comics with these dudes, and I was this little blonde, mousy-looking child, and I looked at this beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed chick, and I was like, “I want to be her!” She was one of the very few that I found. Or Rogue. I’d really like to play Rogue.


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