Best Tattoo…. The Finalists!

May 6, 2011 2:54 pm 44 comments

Voting is over… report to follow…

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  • the superman #1 and Green Lantern a close 2nd

  • Clark Kent

    the 5 wonder woman tats are obviously stickers. cant you tell how shiney they are? shouldnt the contest be with real tats? the guy with Linda Carter gets my vote!

    • Those WW tat’s are not stickers…haven’t you heard of it looking shiny because of A&D ointment? Judging by the looks of the tattoos…they just got them done…it appears you haven’t had a tattoo before.

    • They are not stickers. She is my next door neighbor, and I have seen it in person! :)And it’s AWESOME!

    • Nanci Devlin

      They’re real brainiac. I still have it.

    • THEY WERE 4 HOURS OLD. Shiny??? Have you ever gotten a tattoo? The shine would be the Eucerine.

    • I thought they were stickers too Clark. I mean who would go and DELIBERATELY get the same tattoo that FOUR other people have. I’m all about W.W. but c’mon. Not only is that particular design (the logo) unremarkable, but to share it with 4 others lacks personification and inspiration. If ‘anti-creative’ was the statement y’all were goin’ for, y’all nailed it!

    • I know the guy and they are real :) I used to work with him and he is obsessed with wonder woman

  • jason Martin

    Wish I had a pic I could attach but I have a shoulder piece of Wonder Woman that was the cover of a hard back back book of super heroes and it is amazing. Didn’t ever see anybody with wonderwoman til I got mine and now everybody has them. LOL You a very lucky man to be standing there with an icon as Lynda Carter.

  • That looks ace!! xx

  • Ken Frawley

    They’re all SO frickin’ cool it’s hard to decide. BUT…that S-shield one is so original…and a little gross (LOL)…that I’ve gotta give it a vote

  • Adam crawforths supermans chest is fantastic I vote for him to win good luck x

  • Rob Richardson

    I’ve gotta do it – Green Lantern all the way!

  • Superman Chest!!


  • Gotta be superman tattoo,…..just coz he’s a mad head having a huge tattoo done on his chest lol.

  • Green lantern all the way!!!!

  • Superman tattoo is so amazing, the way it looks like it’s mingled with flesh, awesome, gets my vote

  • Superman Chest Adam

    Thanks everyone who got me into the final and also thanks to all you who’ve voted so far, all the tattoos are great and i wish you all the best of luck.

  • I would have to say the superman chest tatto becouse it’s just epicly done the art is amazing and the guy looks cool to plus the only reason wonder woman is winning is cos he is stood there with linda carter so yeah come on superman :)

  • Superman one is easily the best. The guy with Lynda Carter is campaigning on facebook to get votes. I mean – come on. His tattoos are nice, but nowhere near as cool a the Superman.

  • hellie bartlett

    adam crawforths gets my vote good luck xxx

  • i would have to put my vote towrds the superman chest piece becouse the art is amazing the guy looks cool and he isnt getting his votes just becouse he has linda carter on his arm :)

    • He must of endured hours of pain having that done, one more reason he has my vote, such a tender place for a big tattoo

  • I do like the 5 wonder woman symbols on the backs…

    and the hot guy with the skin ripping showing SUPERMAN…

    BUT Im going with WW on the arm…AWESOME.

  • Superman of course!

  • wish I could post a pic of the needles going into our spines. I have one of the WW tats and I can assure you these are not stickers – pics were taken the day we got our tats.We have ointment on… We found a place that was able to do all our tats at the same time. Thank you for your votes!

  • I say the one with Lynda Carter!

  • Just have to say, Dude with the Lynda Carter Pic – That is so awesome! Love your tat and your pic! :) Good luck!

  • I think the superman tattoo is real cool

  • dawn searston

    Superman on the chest gets my vote every time, looks awsome how it’s ripping the skin, the artwork is pretty damn amazing!!! my son has a chest piece, i couldn’t believe he stood the pain, as like Adam he isn’t a big lad, he was told that big burly men had passed out at much less… Well done Adam, u deserve to win, although the rest are very good, it takes allot to stand that sort of pain for so long on such a delicate part of your body… although wonder woman is stood with the guy, an is she is 1 of my fav, this should be judged on the ink!!! Adam to win without a doubt…Good luck 2 you all :)

  • adams superman is easily the best in my mind there is no contest! superman to win any day it is so cool

  • lexiedoncaster

    Superman one for sure :) its amazing!! :D go adam! <3

  • rosemary davies

    Adam crawforths superman chest to win… good luck everyone

  • The wonder woman tattoo is the best by far. I mean, the guy dedicated an entire SLEEVE to her AND THEN took a pic with her. That’s dedication.

  • Supsuperman

  • Superman Chest….its cool as hell!!!

  • jane burgess

    Gotta be the handsome chap Adam. :)))) wISH U ALL THE BEST X

  • Have only just found this page after all this time – really don’t know what everyone was getting exited about – vote for the best one like they’re all good ?
    I have a good few tatoos and they are basically works of art – most of these are absolute mince – the only one which looks like it was done by a good tatooist is the superman one – the thing & ww ones are terrible.

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