INTERVIEW: Writer Sam Johnson chats to us about Geek Girl #0 and Mr. Mash-Up #0

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Writer Sam Johnson has kindly talked to us again about his latest comics, Geek Girl and Mr. Mash-Up . The Almighties is a fantastic team that Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon thought up a while ago now but Sam has pumped out another fantastic character, Geek- Girl.

Read below our interview about the new comic and what’s been happening with him lately:

Hollywood: Hello Sam, I hope all is well. Let’s get straight to it…Can you sum up your latest comics… Geek-Girl and Mr. Mash-Up?
Sam Johnson: Geek-Girl, who has a new Variant Edition of her #0 issue out, is ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye, who lands a pair of superpower-endowing hi-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, but there’s a glitch in them and they’re going to affect her in ways she isn’t prepared for…
Mr. Mash-Up is a character that’s going to be a problem for Ruby. He pitches up in Geek-Girl #0, and in Mr. Mash-Up #0 we find out who he is and where he came from–and he faces off against Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman and Pete the Pimp!

Hollywood: How did you decide on the characters?
Sam Johnson: Geek-Girl was one of three super-heroines I created for a talent contest, and the one I liked most and decided to develop; Mash-Up came partly from the influence of Grant Morrison’s out there run on misfit super-heroes the Doom Patrol–I wanted to created a bizarre villain, and he’s what came out.
Hollywood: Did you always plan on the traditional curvy and firm look for Geek-Girl similar to how most women are portrayed in comics?
Sam Johnson: Yeah, Ruby Kaye is a hot chick that can get anyone she wants. If you think that doesn’t sound like a typical geek… well, that’s before the glasses start working their magic…
Hollywood: Do these two new storylines contain as much humour as your first comic ‘The Almighties’ ?
Sam Johnson: The Almighties was balls-to-the-wall comedy, whereas GG and Mr. Mash-Up’s books have humor in them but aren’t ‘comedy books.’ Mash-Up’s comic is made up of three separate stories, though, and the one featuring white boy wannabe gangsta Pete the Pimp certainly has a humorous bent.
Hollywood: I like how you’ve taken a different route to the typical storyline, I mean she is popular to start with and realises what’s important in life and that popularity isn’t so great but in Spider-Man or Superman, the men behind the mask are quite shy and classed as ‘un-popular’, I think it’s a great storyline for any teenage girls in modern times, most people forget what’s important such as friends, family, morals, responsibility until it’s too late.
Sam Johnson: Yeah, before she has the glasses, Ruby lives a ‘gets-whatever-she-wants’ shallow existence with the ‘cool kids’ of her college–headed up by the über-bitchy, über-skinny Karin Carpenter. The glasses are going to take her out of that world and put her somewhere very different–both physically and emotionally.

Hollywood: You do like to be original and it seems you really have hit the nail with this one, tell me why you decided to do a spin-off story for one of the villains Geek-Girl is up against, ‘Mr. Mash-Up’?
Sam Johnson: Well, Mash-Up, an albino demon from another dimension, has had some adventures pre- showing up in Geek-Girl’s book, and he’s not a straight ‘villain.’ His #0 issue will give readers an insight into who he used to be and why he’s become the way he is when he shows up in GG #0.
Hollywood: Which is your favourite comic so far; ‘The Almighties’ or ‘Geek-Girl’ ?
Sam Johnson: I’m very proud of The Almighties, it’s the first time I’ve written a humor book and I feel it hit right buttons, but straight-out comedy books aren’t my usual thing; I’m very interested in developing characters, and both my Cabra Cini and Geek-Girl give me good scope for doing that, they’ve both got interesting ‘journeys’ ahead of them.
Hollywood: Are you working on any more issues of ‘The Almighties’ or ‘Geek-Girl’?
Sam Johnson: The Almighties, there are things in the works for those characters but it’s all at the writing stage at the moment; the 4-issue Geek-Girl mini-series is more or less scripted and I hope to be able to reveal more about it soon…

Thanks for talking to us again Sam. Good Luck with your future projects and we wish you all the success with Geek-Girl, Mr. Mash-Up and The Almighties.

Geek-Girl #0, written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Sally Stone-Thompson and published by Actuality Press is available now in $2.50 Regular and Variant Editions and $1.00 Digital/Kindle Editions – along with Mr. Mash-Up #0 – at

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