Interview with Dean Mitchell- Creator of the ‘Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust’ comic…

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Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust- Official Poster

(A quick warning of cursing in the video below)

Welcome Dean Mitchell and the rest of the Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust crew to the WorldofSuperheroes…

Dean Mitchell is the Creator of  a new zombie Comic… ‘Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust’…

Here is an interview with Dean about his ambitions and ideas for the comic… with a title like that you know it’s going to be interesting…

Dean how did this idea come about??

Way back in December 2010  I had sat one night  and wrote a little short story about two girls driving down a road and then going on a rampage against a horde of zombies!

Killer B*****s

So youv’e had the idea for a while.. what kicked it off for the comic then??
Well in January bored on a Saturday, I managed to talk my girlfriend and her friend into grabbing some plastic guns and letting me and my crew film them act out the short story.

zombie shoot

After, we sat in the editing suite making this insane short and then thought we need a name, so after going from ideas like -The Zombie killers and Killer babes of the zombie apocalypse I came up with the name Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust!
So we uploaded the video onto youtube and kind of forgot about it, then when I checked and seen that it had over 5000 hits I realized that maybe others might like the concept of this story!

Check out the video:

That is a unique way of getting to know if people like your idea… How have you made it stand out from other Zombie/Horror comics?

I sat down and thought up a story, I knew it had to be different, there are so many zombie comics/films out there it just needed something else.
After many nights of staying up and watching the likes of Battle Royal, the walking dead, planet terror and even stuff like Lost and Fridge I came up with a very unique story……which I cannot tell you about, all I can say is that it is surprising, it has intentions of going further than just one series…

So you had the story, some research and development getting your story out there on Youtube… Will anything come of the Youtube videos??

We know there are a lot of youtube phenomenons out there but is that what your aiming for??

Now originally we had intended to make a youtube series but after reading the script it just wasn’t possible we needed a much bigger budget than what we had (at the time about £9.95!!)
so I then thought of the comic idea.

I went on Deviant art and started advertising, I had some interest and some pages done by others but I just wasn’t feeling the art, this was always intended to feel and look like a b-movie and needed the specific look I had in mind, then came Graham Williamson, his artwork was insanely good, he drew a page and I was in love!  And the rest is history; we work well together and understand what we want.

DeviantART is definitely the place to pick up an artist… Sounds like your well on your way to getting this comic off the ground.. What are your plans for the future then??
What the future holds is uncertain, I have had offers from publishers but am also keen on the self publishing route, with the fan base growing it may be possible.

For the now please do enjoy all the posters, fan art and soon a short story based within the zombie Holocaust world! (trust me it’s a very important short story with clues that will become apparent later in the series)
I am very excited about it all, and just gob smacked at the fantastic support from people like yourselves and many on facebook pages like Wonderfunders.

Fan art for Killer B

Fantastic stuff Dean… Thank you for talking with us, we wish you all the best with your idea and we will catch up with you soon on how things are progressing…

Don’t forget to check out their FB page:

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