Et7e7r7nal Dammnation – Issue #1

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David Goyer Hates America

*Welcome to my first installment of Eternal Dammnation, my column for passionate discourse.
The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of World of Superheroes though the columnist thinks it should just because he is always right.*

I couldn’t sleep. Up thirty-six hours already and a ten hour graveyard to come and I was pissed off, restless and ready to uncap a whole bunch of vitriol. April 27, 2011 is the darkest day of my comic book reading life. The saddest day to occur in comic’s history for me. As I tried to commiserate with the likeminded on message boards and Facebook one thing became apparently clear. We don’t have to stand for it. I pulled out the soapbox, shined it up, and cleaned out the mega phone real good and now I want to discuss the BLATANT DISREGARD FOR TRADITION, VALUES, AND THE LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY IN THE CARETAKING OF THE FIRST AND GREATEST SUPERHERO, SUPERMAN BY SELLING HIM OUT FOR CHEAP POLITICAL talking points AND A GIMMICK. Is this thing on?

In case you didn’t hear, Superman renounced his American citizenship (Action #900) in an obvious political message by Hollywood liberal type David Goyer. Yep that David Goyer, the scriptwriter that grungifies everything, (even Batman is whiny in his films) and is currently the pen on the atrociously cast Superman: The Man of Steel – the new 2012 movie from “I can’t make a live action comic book movie since 1986 to save my life” Warner Brothers. (Watchmen exempted). Coincidentally (or not) Zach Snyder of said poorly casted Man of Steel recently hired a Brit to play Superman (ugh) and a Tudor no less. I have a real problem with this. First I hear Superman will be played by a non-American, and then Goyer and DC make sure he is not one in comics either.

After the testimonies by Siegel and Shuster themselves that Superman embodied the perfect American story, and related it to their own American success story. You know Truth, justice and the American Way!  They wouldn’t jack with the very spirit of the character would they? To what end? Why would they do this?

To what end indeed.

First I suppose (since this will be the last of anything with an S on it I will be a part of for a while) I better catch you up in context and share this “story” with you.

First of all after purchasing mine, I was initially ecstatic. There were 2 in my little grocery store newsstand isle along with an FF#2 and I purchased both. I, like a taunted dragon flew home, hope enticed to giddy, and sat down with Action Comics #900. The Original. 900 consecutive issues! I began as you would suspect with the first story (hooray me!). I was pleasantly surprised by Cornell’s finale to The Black Ring. Every person from Reign of the Supermen is on the great page 53 below.

The art and story could have easily disappointed and did not; I so barely hung to the end of the insufferably trite “Grounded” storyline that had potential. It was also impaled on a big pike of political correctness, cheap sentiment and no real depth. This was a bipolar contrast to this and I was pumped up! Now because it’s an anniversary issue there are some bonus stories too. Great! I’m in! The first three Life Support (Lindelof, Sook, Hill), Autobiography (Dini, Silva Lean) and Friday Night in the 21st Century- one page full of stories (Johns and Frank) were touching, cute and light in that order but brilliant short reads.

..3 shorts that I read the ones after  Goyer’s Incident did not get read.. for obvious reasons of trauma

Then I came to “The Incident” a sick twisted joke of a title on the most egregious defilement of THE characters core, shrugging it off as just the “next logical thing”. I did not know this at the time however and began reading. OK, stay with me here. Agent Gabriel Wright has requested a meeting with Superman and Supes shows up, on the PRESIDENT’S request (hmm which president?  I realize it’s probably not Obama but it’s weird.) Wright scolds Superman for going to Iran to stand with the protesters against their oppressors. This makes it look like the U.S. is supporting this and is a problem. The government takes precautions with Kryptonite snipers against the most powerful being on the planet that was just in Iran and Superman is offended. Really Supes? So Superman talks in fashion about how he was inspired by the brave Iranians, cool, I will go with that. Then my head spins round, my mouth begs me to eat my eyes and retract what I just read that ruins Superman. Superman renounces saying he is an alien and has been thinking too small. He would not want to people to think he makes policy.  He then tells that after he leaves the protesters give a flower to their oppressors and that made it worth it. That group of oppressors opened fire as soon as Supes left. Another unrealistic no impossible outcome ignored by globalist dreamers. When it dawns on me what has happened, how I have been blindsided, cheated, connived and Superman is stained beyond my mental grasp I get furious. Luckily within a couple hours 75 of us were all in agreement 25 against on Facebook.

This is NOT a logical step in character development for if it was there would be logic in it. Clark still lives all the perks of America, cushy job, wife, and nice apartment. But Superman renounced his citizenship. Neither Clark nor Superman would be that hypocritical, Clark who the character actually is (Superman is his disguise) would feel guilty to the point of distraction over this, he barely could live with not telling Lois.  The renunciation to abstain from politics would be in character but Superman does it to operate independently IN political hot spots UNCHALLENGED and godlike. Why Infinite Crisis if he learned nothing. After “Grounded” where he walked to reconnect with the American people he would just renounce his HOME. No not a logical character development despite Superman saying (can you hear the agenda here?) “It was an act of civil disobedience. Non-violent Resistance.”  Ok very Timothy Leary but not Superman. Then to throw logical development further out the window, this is what logically should follow. Supes succeeds from the JLA, Legion, and JSA etc. for not wanting to speak for them either, or be misconstrued, for who wants Bats getting extra persecution in Gotham. Then Supes tolerates no terrorism, no violence, no war, no nukes, no cancer, no obesity because he can’t play favorites to causes OR countries. Brainiac Darkseid and all the Galactic threats get the rest of the Universe sans earth to play in because Supes is alone and far too busy. Seeing this he renounces his Earth citizenship for the Universe and is rarely on earth to defend it any more. Modern- ha. Logical, ha.Progress…ive yes!

This IS a contrivance for an agenda made to look like a plot device and poorly planned at that. If they also explain away the British Superman (ugh) I’m sure that is OK by them too. This works for college idealists and indoctrinating children but not the grizzled and the jaded. Do not give movie and TV people comics unless they have one of four names Dini, Timm, Straczynski, or Whedon for starters. Like Tim Krung they will run out of juice for Superheroes in a running long term format.

This IS a propagation of an “I am ashamed to be American” chic meant to further dilute our traditions, culture and push us toward a global currency, government, and religion. Unintentional or not that is what this self-loathing American act is getting us. Superman stands for Truth Justice and the American Way and all are capitalized because they are embodiment ideals of America. Let’s separate the American politics and the American dream out first. American politics is all that stuff people suffering from hate-chic spew when you say American Way –“Sweet Christ, if i was superman id have given up American citizenship years ago. Someone explain to what the American way is? Grotesque consumerism, imperialism, war mongering, idiotic political bickering on guns versus health care? What else can we add in? Political interference in international affairs? Raping the environment? Take a look around. Take a good hard look. Do you know why Superman doesn’t want to be an American? Because he’s better than you and you hate him for it.”  This is an exact quote from the board yesterday.

Not American Way that is American politics and policy.

The American Dream is 2 cars a picket fence, wife, kids, pursuits of happiness.

The American Way is this, an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, God Family Country in that order, freedom to worship wherever whenever, freedom of the press, The right to think up an idea see it through on guts and smarts while helping your neighbor when asked but minding your own business when not asked, if you can dream it and work hard enough you still need to look for opportunity and be smart enough to achieve it. Personal space, accountability, and the ability to move freely without government constraint are the I-beams. Does anyone remember MY America because where I live it is largely still like that. These are the ideals that go with that citizenship that was given to him by a grateful people somewhere in his convoluted continuity. In 9 pages (heretofore referred to by me as the 9 pages of Doom) Goyer canceled baseball, punched mom, stomped apple pie, extinguished fireworks, stripped Uncle Sam and kicked a Boy Scout in the groin.

My opinion stated there is this. I am boycotting anything with an S crest until this is rectified, especially at the box office next year. Join me or do not it will make no difference to me. I took my 900 back for a refund, the clerk said I read it – no way, I told him why and he gawked at me and threw both copies away then refunded me. “I never thought I would see the day”, said the 55 year old non comic book fan. But all American, top to shoe and even to him Superman is more than colored paper and an author’s political agenda/whimsy.

For the best rebuttal posted on in comments section I will give from my own collection Captain Satan #1 and #2. For the best Defense of this opinion posted I will give Ash #0 and #1(Quesada/Palmiotti).

This excludes Elliott Serrano who will banter with me for free….!

I remain,



  • D L Robertson

    Thats what I’m talking about. If you are going to get up on the soap box then make sure you get your pound of flesh. I remember when the main stream talent was brought into comics and how it would revolutionize the industry. If one would call furthering a left minded agenda with further caltrop like this then let the boycott commence.

  • here are some of the Comments from my wordpress posting of this article
    Claude Parish | April 28, 2011 at 13:51

    The rebuttals you get will almost certainly be from angry people who revel in this anti American sentiment that DC is pusing on us.
    I’ve read posts by people who mock us for not wanting Superman to act this way.
    They don’t and probably never WILL understand the disconnect from reality invested in comics. I don’t read comics to get caught up on current events. There’s enough sources for ‘hate America’ rhetoric out there.
    Perhaps there’s so much of it that it has now begun to manifest itself in our fantasy worlds.
    Comics, for a very long time, was where I would go to escape the political hacks of the real world.
    For quite a while now, liberal writers have been assigning their real world views on characters who would not behave and have not behaved the way a writer with an agenda would like.
    Clinton showing up at a comic book funeral was the first overt acknowledgement of the real world creeping into comic continuity.
    DC’s “Decisions” was blatantly political. Does anyone have the complete run of that mini series?
    It’s like an actor or singer you’ve liked and followed all your life, suddenly stating their positions on topics of the day and alienating a percentage of their fans.
    I don’t give a crap about Goyer. I can’t think of anything he’s done that I have liked other than stopping making movies.
    His political worldview should NOT be laminated over a fantasy character. I’m sure he loves the attention, but it doesn’t make the story special. It just makes him look like a poor writer whose only contribution is shock.
    Shock wears off. People get angry. They talk about what made them angry and move on with their lives.
    I really hate DC for doing this to Superman. I was ready to start buying Superman again after “Grounded” was terminated.
    Now, it looks like I’ll have to wait until the editorial staff at DC Comics changes.

    Jamie karr | April 28, 2011 at 23:55

    First, thanks for the quote on your blog. I was a little fired up at time of writing, but i’ll be damned if i didn’t mean everyword. Your country is sick, and by that i mean ill. But i digress…

    Per the American dream vs. The American way…

    I see where your coming from with the Rockwell painting and leave it to beaver and what not. But thats over 50 years ago. Thats a beautiful thing and a beautiful moment in time and thats the sort of notion that Superman embodied. Wholesome things, pure things. A burgeoning and hopeful nation. But this is just just a dream, a fleeting memory of a time gone by.

    And per the American way? Thats the same. An ideal of a time gone by. Look at yourselves as a nation… There’s no hardwork being done. Its all being done in China because your industrial conglomerate has determined that Americans are too expensive to employ. Freedom of press in America is illusory. The media is just another propaganda machine designed to tell you what they need you to hear. There’s people out there who know the truth, who report the truth but the “news” will never let you see that. It would shake your nation to its core if anyone was still intelligent enough to comprehend it, or gave damn about anything but who’s winning American idol next year. Do you look after your neighbours? Really? Id like to believe that since you espouse that virtue that you as a person do in fact help your neighbour, and if you do, i commend you. Because as a country you certwinly do not. You do not respect your neighbours yards, and you only help out if it benefits you ( ie follow the petroleum). Why arent you invading libya, or syria. Why are you not everywhere helping democracy?

    Now as to Superman…

    We have both you and I have initially missed the point of this story. Superman has renounced his American citizenship not because he is anti- american. He has done because he’s going to try to fix everything worldwide and doesnt want America implicated in what he’s about to attempt. He’s protecting America. So i’d reconsider your opinion of this particular Superman story, and lets see how it unfolds. Surely you must acknowledge the nobility in trying to fix everything for everyone. Not just America, which as illustrated could use a good role model.

  • He doesn’t need to renounce his citizenship, if this is not and anti American story why did he not renounce all of the other citizenships. he was given citizenship to every nation of the U,N. still only one renunciation. As for countries, I will take the U.S. over your watered down, bland, government dependent social system of a welfare state called Canada and be proud. Come where I livae and experience hard work, goodwill, and the other things mentioned specifically above. No you better rethink your globalist hypocritical Canadian “we will hide in Americas guns who else will protect us” Canada

    • I put this on facebook bur ill put it here as well….while we are at it since the nation of Israel has done tons of questionable things, and killed countless numbers of people, we can’t have Jesus Christ affiliated with a country like that….so lets make Jesus no longer Jewish and make him a citizen of the world….rediculous

  • Brendan Monaghan

    I’m ok with the British actor but Superman is THE American hero. Plain and simple. He is the embodiment of our ideal values. Renouncing his citizenship is rediculous and I am very disappointed. Just because he is American doesn’t mean that he can’t publically say “I’m an American, but I act on my own.” Every regular joe-shmo in the country who isn’t enlisted in the military can act on their own without the world assuming that they are acting on behalf of the president. While Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes, he is still not a soldier in our military. The exact same outcome could have been accomplished without Superman renouncing his citizenship and I hope Action Comics comes to their senses and fixes this soon!

  • also if the writing, art and dialog actually came across like he was “protecting” America there would be no issues and none of this would be an issue. Look at the page, look at the way his facial expressions are drawn, with resentment and disgust…the line “truth, justice, and the american way is not enough”…really!?!? the american way was what save millions of Jews, homosexuals, blacks, spanish and every other non blond hair blue eyed person on this planet from extermination at the hands of Nazi Germany. Its the American way that attracts thousands of people to risk life and limb to get here illegally, and jump through red tape and hoops of fire to to it legally. The American way has become the model for what every country wants to be like. So profitable, so well off that its citizens literally are eaten themselves fat (not that the world wants to be fat but you get my point)! And not to mention that the premise for this story is ridiculous…in the REAL world our modern day Superman President Obama (no matter your political views you have to agree people made him out to be the equivalent of a modern day Superman, hence the reason he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) did the SAME EXACT THING and sided with the protesters in the middle east and even went as far a to say that the leader in question should step down….no one in the real world took that as an act of war and that was coming from the LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY’S mouth! He didn’t not step down as president and renounce his citizenship (even though some believe he doesn’t have one anyway) because his cause was greater then the country he represents. The premise of this story is ridiculous and the whole “he did it to protect America” is a joke.

  • I have this to say about your Issue #1SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS,which means”Atoning for educability through delicate beauty”. I am not too concerned about Superman renouncing his citizenship. I am however concerned about another who has expressed (through his actions) his hatred for the U.S. GRNP

  • This storyline is disturbing on many many levels. Even beyond the citizenship renouncing part why would Superman be at a protest in Iran anyway? Surely he would know that would not be productive thing to do. Is Supe now going to try rectify all the world’s problems by himself? The fact of the matter is despite what One World Fanatics want us to believe this is still a world of Sovereign nation many with quite different beliefs in how the world should be. How can anybody be for all nations? How is that possible at all? Warts and all the Untied States still matches the most to the ideals of Superman.

  • How can Superman fix all the world problems by himself? Is he setting himself up as a god above us all?

  • Claude Parish

    DC Comics either hates America or half of their readers. In Action Comics #900, there is a back up story written by David Goyer wherein Superman goes to Tehran,Iran during a demonstration in the square in the city. He decides to stand there for 24 hours to show his solidarity with the demonstrators. Some people throw flowers, some throw Molotov cocktails. VERY even handed story telling.

    I am, of course, joking.

    If Goyer wanted to make a real political statement, he should have written what would have really happened to a person handing over a rose to a soldier. Even if the soldier accepted it, the soldier next to him would have shot them both. Understanding that not everyone in Iran can be painted with a broad brush and that there MAY be some dissention in the ranks, a soldier in the ‘Army of the Guardian of the Islamic Revolution’ as Goyer so respectfully called them, would know the repercussions of exhibiting weakness.

    I’d invite Mr. Goyer or any of his DC pals to go to Tehran and pass out roses to soldiers on guard and come back here and testify to the peace and love they were greeted with in return. The mischaracterization of the outcome of this incident proves that the flower child mentality is alive and well and naive in the 21st century.

    It was a stupid short story. It was most definitely an agenda advancement piece. After Paul Cornell’s masterful story telling in the series without Superman, and after Straczynski’s meandering series of the hero going for a walk to ‘find himself’ as though he weren’t raised by the best foster parents in the comic book universe, Jonathan and Martha Kent, and especially after the negative reviews of a weak sister of a super hero, DC decides to ride this horse into the grave. Cornell made Luthor interesting again.

    Goyer’s nine pages drags Superman all the way back down the road JMS was sending him for a walk on. I really had hope for the character now that the JMS stuff was tossed out and explained as some kind of mind control. Action #900 was to be a landmark. It was to be a return to greatness. The lead story WAS very good. Goyer’s social worker version of Superman has overshadowed this milestone.

    Bloggers have told DC that they would never again buy a DC book, much less a “Super” book. I don’t believe that very many will stay away for a while. I hope DC notices the drop off, though.


    DC thinks it’s something you only get in a comic book. If they have Superman renouncing his citizenship, via editorial decision, what must the publishers, editors and authors REALLY think of the country that gave birth to the most iconic of all comic book characters? And why place a comic book character in the real world we buy their comics to escape from anyway?

  • Another great comment that landed on my it is.

    Neil Gaiman’s post Alan Moore “Miracleman” had that hero setting himself above and apart from humans and going into ‘god’ mode. Stories were boring and the book was canceled.
    DC editors are probably unaware of this and may find out on their own what a ‘hero’ who is above the fray does to their sales figures.
    And…Superman may have been doing this to protect America, but Goyer is just crap about America. It’s as simple as this: It’s cool to be down on the USA. There’s a market for it. A bit of that market is in his own back yard. But, the world is bigger than America and he hopes they’ll eat this up in Dubai.
    It’s an easy market to satisfy. F’ America, have a nice day. Now, go out and blow something up.
    I’d hate to have to say that I made my bones crapping on the guarantor of my freedoms.

  • also from Claude Parish

  • Kryptonsite – the official Smallville site-just Twitter blocked me because of this column saying I did not do my research. I do not care about the block but my research is as follows. First, I read the issue in question over and over especially the 9 Pages of Doom, second I read Superman issues from every decade in reference to his American icon related status including but not limited to Action 1-5 (digital archives), Superman Annual#3, and Grounded. I referenced the Scott Beatty Man of Steel guide like we are giving away. Then I watched Blade 1 and 2, Batman Begins and Dark Knight looking for common globalist themes in his writing especially when paired with Nolan. I even watched 2 episodes of Blade the TV show(God help me.) I watched Comic Book Confidential and History Channel’s Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked to get a feel of how the original and legendary creators felt about this character to see if it aligned even a little with the current direction and Action 381 was about as close as i could come..Superman takes over the U.N. So the claim that I did not do my research is a bald faced lie. I assure you that before anything gets sent to WOS it is researched and thought deserve my best and so do I. Boycott the S crest.

  • Official fan site for news etc not CW’s official page

  • I wrote a piece on this topic at the end of DAMM’s “nipples” article here

    Which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

    There has been some backtracking from DC on the issue however: DiDio made the statement

    “[Superman] remains, as always, committed to his adopted home and his roots as a Kansas farm boy in Smallville.”

    But that’s hardly a statement of intent.

    All that said, though, this is sure to drive up sales of the comic. Of all the possible reasons for the move, this seems to be the most likely. I can’t find any data on sales of Superman titles at all, let alone US vs Global, but I would theorise that DC-Time/Warner are looking to their movie franchises to generate the lion’s share of revenue these days. The comics must support that, and hence, the comics need to be at least profitable.

    I’m confident that – a few months down the line (near to the release of Snyder’s movie) – he’ll reinstate himself with an appropriately flag swathed cover (which in turn will generate a bumper batch of sales).

    I really think that much of the outrage here is similar to that generated by the Wonder Woman origin/costume change. How many people who were furious about that actually buy the title week in/week out? As a percentile – not that many, I would guess (though no doubt many claimed to be life long readers and supporters).

    And I think that kind of gets to the heart of the matter – its what Superman represents that has elicited so much furore. Americans obviously see the character as “theirs” even if they don’t read the comics or even watch the movies – rightly or wrongly.

    I’ve said this before – I really don’t think its on to politicise Superman. He shouldn’t be involved in pastiches of real issues. As I said the other article, if he’s protesting in “Iran”, then why isn’t he stopping disasters in Japan – well, because its a real issue and a comic book character like Superman dealing with bona fide wars and tragedies is just poor taste.

    Commercially, this is a smart move. As consumers, we tend to forget that the primary objective of a piece of entertainment is not actually to entertain, but to make the producers of said piece a bundle of cash. Genre fans can go on as much as they like about the characters integrity and all the rest of it, but ultimately, the moneymen don’t care as long as the product makes some sort of return. That’s why its taken years and years to generate the money for new Judge Dredd movie, right. The Stallone one tanked and no one wanted to go near it with a barge pole. I think that Clooney’s Batman and Robin had a comparatively poor return and as a result Batman had a bit of a movie hiatus.

    So, will all this generate huge returns for DC? Yes. Will it have a knock on effect on the movie? Yes. Will the producers be happy? Yes.

    Will boycotting work? No, probably not. These arcs are well planned out in advance, so the cynical part of me can’t help but think this is all designed to make a few dollars, so even if people do boycott the title and Superman comes back eating a piece of apple pie whilst marching to the US Marines fanfare, it’ll probably be because that was the plan all along. That said, those that did boycott the title can claim vindication and everyone will be happy.



  • I happened to LOVE that DREDD movie though..just for the record.

  • It was a fun movie. But I guess fans were disappointed cos Dredd isn’t really supposed to be a fun guy!

  • D L Robertson

    I couldn’t agree less Russell, people pay money to see and read what they expect. I liked the Dredd movie also for the camp if nothing else, but it wasn’t what I expected and I didn’t recommend it nor see it again at the theaters. Thats where the money is, recommendations and second and third viewings. Titanic did the numbers it did because the female memebers of our species went in droves, with boyfriends, mothers, sisters and so on. You put out a comic book that isn’t true to the material much like a movie and you get Dredd. If I want torn from the headlines material I can watch an episode of Law and Order. If I want a good story with great visuals I buy a comic book.

  • Hi DL – not sure I’m with you? I’m saying that fans didn’t like it because its not what they expected from a Dredd movie. They wanted a truer version, and you couldn’t really get further from 2000AD than the Stallone flick (the annoying sidekick was…well…really annoying).

    For all that it was still good fun – Armand Assante clearly had great fun.

    If you want great stories etc you buy a comic book. That’s cool – now, if we take the case in point, the artwork looks good to me and the story… Well, did you enjoy it or hate it? How does it stand up in terms of the craft of storytelling? Certainly, its inspired debate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its any good.

    As Damm points out, he doesn’t think its a logical progression for the character – especially after the “getting back to his (Superman’s) roots” stuff.

    Many Superman readers don’t have a vested interest in the implications because many Superman readers aren’t American – as I said before, I’d love to see the sales figures, Global vs US – that may explain a lot. But even if the US ones are great, these arcs are planned well in advance, so I wouldn’t expect Supes to be man-of-earth for too long. Well, not until the movie comes out, at least.



  • D L Robertson

    Russell, I may have read what you said wrong, but I believe you wrote that commercially this was a good move. Judge Dredd died at the box office because it wasn’t consistant with the material, just like DAMM said the new Superman isn’t consistant with the over all material. Bad press can kill a movie faster than a lame trailer. I think we are agreeing on most things here its just the commercial move. Oh I did read the book, art work A, story was so bad I gave the book to my 2 year old. If you have children, you know what that means.

  • Hi DL – I wasn’t clear. The movie tanked for sure and no one would go near a Dredd project for years afterwards is the thrust of the thing. Sure, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a Dredd film – I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons, if you see what I mean.

    This issue of Action comics has no doubt boosted sales and will peak for a bit before the inevitable trough. And Supes triumphant return to the fold will no doubt do the same.

    I’ve not read #900 yet, but if it fails a story (regardless of the real or imagined political message) then that’s not a good thing. But I will and I’ll post up when I do ;-)



    • D L Robertson

      Hey Russell, I look forward to your review. I agree I enjoyed the camp aspect of the Dredd movie, reminded me a lot of the old Batman tv show, but it definately wasn’t the Judge Dredd I know.

  • Mister damm,
    A very convincing argument you have made here and one that can neither have a rebuttal or agreement from me.
    I see a true fan in you and an Unquestionable amount of knowledge to back your argument.
    However, we as fans are unfortunate in some respects as we are only voyeurs, we have very little effect on what is written and (again) unfortunately the writers well appears to have gone dry at DC if they are stooping so low as to have him renounce his citizenship….
    As for your issue with the choice of Actor, again I reserve the right to wait and see how it pans out, it may be pleasant it may not, as I have stated on more than one occasion (even though I’m british myself) I would have liked to have seen Tom welling play Superman as I think a lot of this bad feeling wouldn’t be an issue if he’d have got the role or wanted it whatever the case may be. Don’t lose faith in him though, or the ideals he stands for, he still stands for all the things in your article, don’t let some glory seeking controversy craving writer take that away from you.

  • i felt a bit rattled over it. however, he still is american as apple pie and still an American DC icon. But at the same time, he’s universal, fights for truth, justice and freedom. not just for America, but for the entire world!


  • Sorry, I kinda messed up on that last part,i meant to say,

    I want him to someday return and to once again and raise the red,white and blue again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m sorry, I will always be a Superman fan, I’m proud to be one, but THIS ISSUE IS SCREWED UP AND I CANNOT STAND THE “RENOUNCE” PART!


  • Superman is an ALIEN, sent to Earth to protect the HUMANS, not just Americans. Sure, he was raised American but he isnt even a human. It is unfair for the U.S. to claim Superman as their own, considering he is here to protect everyone. Therefore, I do not disagree with Clarks decision to renounce his citizenship as an American,but I do believe he should be considered a citizen of Earth. His adopted home.


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