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Written by Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory
Drawn by Scott Godlewski
SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAR110962

As Evan and Marta race to find a way to bring down the corporate army of monstrous vampires, Dracula’s own bloody past comes back to haunt him in a very real, very deadly way… Sink your teeth into this can’t-miss issue of the critically acclaimed horror series as Kurt Busiek continues to bring an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos!

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  • In reading over the reviews, I think that we are reviewing two different books. The one that I read is the Vook edition of Dracula’s Guest that is a Kindle download and has five parts to it that are The Roads, Walpurgis Nacht, Wild Storm, The Rescue and Dracula. This is also the edition that has videos for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

    The young man who is making a journey by carriage starts out by having his coachman warned that they must be back before dark, because tonight is Walpurgis Nacht. Walpurgis Nacht is April 30, which is the eve of May Day and was a pagan holiday. There is also a storm brewing. As they go along, the horses seem uneasy and sniff the air. They come to a road that looks interesting to the passenger and seems to go through a valley, and he wants to go that way. The coachman does everything in his power not to go that way and keeps looking at his watch.

    The coachman tries to talk his passenger out of going to the village that used to be down the road in the valley, but is now uninhabited, but he will not take no for an answer. He tells the coachman to go on home and that he will walk home when he is finished his exploring. Finally Johann turns the coach to go back to Munich.

    The man keeps walking and it seems to be getting colder, and all that he sees are old foundations of houses, but not a house that is inhabited. When he goes on a bit farther, he realizes that he is in a cemetery, and has been hearing a wolf howl somewhere nearby. He finally remembers that it is Walpurgis Nacht when “the devil is abroad” and wishes that he had gone back to Munich with Johann. The night isn’t finished with him yet.

    This is an excellent story that is quite spooky and suspenseful. There are so many things that make this story put butterflies in the stomach. The horses constantly smelling the air and their general unease when they come to the strange road, the coachman always looking at his watch so that he makes it home before dark, storm clouds gathering and that not-so-distant howling of a wolf.

    I loved this and now I want to read Dracula all over again. There are a lot of authors of thrillers and horror stories today, but Bram Stoker has passed the test of time. The 100th anniversary of his death will be in 2014 and these books are still in print. I recommend this. It’s very enjoyable.

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