Rant about DC and Marvel Movies…. do you agree???

August 12, 2011 1:41 pm 42 comments
It annoys me how people(mostly critics and non-comic readers) are so critical of comic book movies.
Everyone is so critical of Green Lantern, but it’s DC. That’s a really good attempt for them. That’s why DC sticks to Batman and Superman. They are DC’s safety net.


Spider-Man 3 wasn’t the best but it was a pretty good end to the series. People are already hating on The Amazing Spider-Man and it’s not even out yet. All I hear about it from people is, “Wtf did they do to his suit?” “This movie is gonna suck, blah, blah, blah” Most of them not even realizing the back story of it at all. The Amazing Spider-Man is based on THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE people!! It’s a reboot, not a sequel! They did the suit like that on purpose. They want it to look like a teenage kid made it in his basement. The Sam Rami suit looked too tailored. And people over criticize origin stories, “It was too short, there wasn’t enough action.” They’re origin stories. They aren’t meant to be long. The shorter the origin is told, the faster they can get to the classic match ups.
Another thing. I’m sick of Batman and Superman movies. We get it DC you suck at making movies. But 12 films of the same character is enough.  The new Superman still looks like a tool, the new Batman, Nolan ruined Bane and Catwoman, but at least the first two films were decent. Marvel needs to stop this reboot trend they’re starting to fall into, too.
by Drae Benfield

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  • How can you start having a go at the new Batman when it isn’t even realised! You just had a go at these so called fans having a go at spidey about the origins when it isn’t even out and yet here you are doing the same with Bruce Wayne…

    • Agreed, this guy is a hypocrite.

    • The origin part was in reference to Green Lantern, which I really enjoyed.

      • dumbass the amazing spiderman is not based on the ultimate universe, its based on the original story but he is gonna changed it a lil, it still gonna be loyal to the comic, n superman is a tool yeah, dont nobody care if the movie is good then everybody will be happy, n the nolan batman movies were the movies that showed the real colors of batman, those movies are amazing. ppl like you piss me off so much.. so im glad u were talking about urself on ur article. cuz thats the kid of person u are

  • How can you start having a go at the new Batman when it isn’t even released! You just had a go at these so called fans having a go at spidey about the origins when it isn’t even out and yet here you are doing the same with Bruce Wayne…

  • A slight error in what you said there mate.

    You started your article stating how critics and non comic book readers are critical about the movies, fair enough there are plenty of haters out there, you go on to describe what people are saying about spiderman ( i think it looks kinda cool myself ).

    But then you go on about DC making batman and superman movies, and then you yourself start slating the new BATMAN movie stating that nolan got bane and catwoman wrong ? the film isnt even out yet give it a chance.

    Nice article, shame about your own rant at the end

    • I did forget to add that I am going to go see The Dark Knight Rises. I was super excited for it until pictures of Bane and Catwoman surfaced.

  • Ok so…much to DAMM’s disfavor I like the look of the new Superman, is the movie going to suck? Who knows but I’m going to go see it, and just about everybody I know will too. On this very site it was posted that the Spider-Man suit will not look like that in the movie, it was designed to enhance the 3D effects, and I could spend days telling you what was wrong with the first three SM movies but my favorite hero was SWINGING above NY so I saw them more times than I will admit(and watch them on DVD even more). As Green Lantern goes, the story was un-even but I really enjoyed it and more importantly my KIDS really enjoyed it.

  • Clearly the person that wrote this article has a MAJOR beef with DC. So they have only sunk money into Superman and Batman movies. Big deal. And pointing out like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning that the Spiderman reboot is based on the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE Spiderman is suppose to mean exactly what to me? THE MOVIE LOOKS STUPID. The audience does NOT need some over done and overly emotional scene with Peter’s parents going off on what appears to be some secret mission or something. It’s so heavy handed. His parents died and he lives with his aunt & uncle. End of that story. Nothing esle needs to be said about that. Honestly I hope-in vain mind you-that no one sees that movie even just to stick it to the studio and producers. The new Superman does NOT look like a tool. Though we are all entitled to our opinions. The one thing I agree with is the comment about Bane & Catwoman. But I could be proven wrong. Has Drae Benfield even seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? How can they be SO sure the movie will not live up to the first two films. And to call Nolan’s first two Batman films “decent” is pathetic and yet another crystal clear flag that there is major beef with DC going on. B. Begins & (esp) The Dark Knight were FAR more than “decent”. Maybe the nerd that wrote this dribble of an article just needs to get laid so their frustrations can be released.

    • I need to get laid? Really? -_- Superman is and always has been a tool. I am a Batman fan. One of my favorite Batman films is The Dark Knight. And Peter Parker’s parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Ultimate universe. And more people are willing to put out money for a MARVEL comics movie over a DC comics movie. Mostly cause MARVEL movies actually have substance to them. The characters are original. DC comics are all based around the same material: name? Just add man, woman, girl, boy, or lad at the end or a color at the beginning. Origin? Kill the parents. Location? Make up one or put it in space. Powers? Alien or money. Use this formula and one can make any DC hero.

  • By and large I agree whit what was said here.

    1. I think critics need to understand that these movies are comic book movies and if you are looking for Schindler’s List or Gone With the Wind you are trying to compare apples and pick up trucks. They are a valid niche genre that has their own style and tempo and by and large really work.

    2. Again I have to agree we fans need to give these movies a chance BEFORE we start trashing them. See where they are going with them maybe the changes that are made are good ones. HOWEVER that said, film makers please listen to some of the things that we fans have to say and if there are enough of us bitching about a specific thing maybe you might want to think about adjusting. I’m just saying.

    3. The whole trend toward “rebooting” and rehashing origin stories. First off Marvel and DC get together in your board rooms and find out how you are going to proceed with your movies …. get a clear path and move forward. This whole rebooting thing is starting to get old. There is so much history with these characters and we do a 3 episode arc and then start over from scratch again. Please find a way to pick up and move forward, we don’t need to completely retool ever 3 movies. Honestly I thought that was a strength of Superman Returns … it picked up and moved forward. That brings me to origin stories. I get it, when making movie you have to give the audience a “jumping on point”. HOWEVER if it’s an established character that we have already met in previous films … how about we do the retelling of the origin during the credits as flashbacks or something. Some of these characters have 70+ years in Pop Culture and the social conscience. I mean seriously ask any 40 year old if they know the cartoon Spider-man theme song from the late 60′s and I can bet you that they more or less can site it verbatim. So let’s go and run with that. Could you imagine how unbelievable it would have been to see Heath Ledger’s Joker not in this continued origin story but in a big budget adaptation of the Killing Joke? We will never get to that kinda deeper storytelling if we are only allowed to get more than a couple of steps away from the genesis.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  • No. I don’t agree with this rant at all.

  • i get what this guy is saying, i just dont think he is a very experienced as a writer and has a hard time getting his point across clearly. superman WILL suck….just telling you now :-P

  • yeah ok ok this rant is a pile of rubish

    1. Green Lantern was a flow it wasn’t a good attempt at all, one the CGI was poor his body was hardly real for the whole movie in the suit which is sad, and since when can he make a gun with his ring thats ridiculous…. i wont carry on…

    2. the statement ‘The Amazing Spider-Man is based on THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE people!!’ yes really fans already know this and still…. what have they done to the suit…. we know its a reboot…..but what have they done to the suit. It doesn’t look rubbish but it is going to a different kind of film so the suit is going to be different the fans just want to see that same inovation they put into the last suit to make it look so comic book put into this one….which they havent really

    3. They got to make up for batman and robin and batman forever because they were so ridiculous. nolan has done wanders with the batman films even with a low bugget like in begins. The pics so far for the lastest film looks really good and nolan has never failed to make a brilliant movie before so why doubt him now. You are right in saying that they have done a lot of superman and batman and i would like so see more DC comics films as long as they are not like the green lantern.

    4. lastly yes marvel do need to stop this reboot thing….its not time for a spiderman reboot yet the old ones are still going strong ( number three was weak) they need to concentrate on some other heros, i was so sad that they are going to reboot fantastic 4 to they need to explore different heros then come back to them its been a few years since both spiderman and fantastic for had been done and they were really good attempts great in some cases!

    • Lmao. I like Batman Forever. :P
      And Captain America is my overall favorite. I went into the movie with really low expectations and was thoroughly surprised. And I kinda get where MARVEL is wanting to go with a FF reboot. They wanna make it as if the first two never happened since Chris Evans has signed on for three movies staring as Cap. So that reboot is understandable.

  • “The new Superman still looks like a tool, the new Batman, Nolan ruined Bane and Catwoman, but at least the first two films were decent.”

    -Uhm. What? Either that’s gibberish or it’s one sentence that really should be three. Just sayin’.

    That said, I agree to a point. But I think any story idea has potential (DC, Marvel or whatever). For example we’ve seen cases of Batman done really right and REALLY wrong. People talk about how complicated and hokey GL is. Yet, with Cap no one seemed to bat an eyelash at the vita rays that they bombarded him with or the cosmic cube (tesseract, whatever)the Red Skull wielded. GL needed a less is more approach with their introduction to the mythology. Of course that was a 300 million dollar misstep for Warners/DC (between production and advertising). So there’s that.

  • I don’t like DC comics no, but I am a Batman fan. I love The Dark Knight, and being a Batman fan, I know what both Bane and Catwoman should look like. Nolan was strong for two movies and then decides to take the character’s costumes in a totally dumb direction. And Superman and Batman are DC’s safety nets. Those movies are cheap to make and they know, no matter how bad they suck(Batman Begins & Superman Returns) people are gonna pay to see them.

  • SolomonGrundy

    I’m sick of reboots. I don’t know why every swinging dick that makes a superhero movie needs to retell a character’s origins. Is it really going to matter since most of these guys bail after three movies anyway? Then guess what? The next dude is going to subject us to his interpretation. It sucks to get stuck with a character’s origin every fourth movie or so. I think at this point, we all know how Batman, Superman, and Spider-man came to be. And why do we also get stuck with the same villains? There are so many interesting villains out there. How about something different? What about Man-bat, Killer Croc, Clayface, Electro, Shocker, Tombstone, Bizarro, and Doomsday, to name a few. At least Nolan mixed it up a little in Batman Begins. I’m not interested in shelling out my hard earned bucks to hear the same old story told by someone different.

  • SolomonGrundy

    Oh yeah, if they need to know how it’s done, they should look at the 007 franchise. 100 dudes have played James Bond. They don’t come up with a new origin story anytime there is a change in cast or production staff. It can be done…

  • Ok i didnt like green lantern as i thought the casting was wrong now lets talk comic movies yes there have been alot of Batman Superman but the last Superman sucked the new Spiderman looks the same but you cant hate a film when it aint finished let alone out yet so back to the start of my rant ALL X MEN MOVIES SUCKED the storys were crap an like the previus spideys they were made for the kids to enjoy an not the fans view Man Thing was a damn good film so was BLADE but lets face it so far Marvel have not done so well when it comes to makeing a film yes DC have there big 2 but i feel MARVEL could do alot more when it comes to makeing one of there characters into a filmstar i was so excited about CAPTAIN AMERICA and i was very dissapointed with the outcome that should have been alot better then it was along with WOLVERINE ORIGINS but marvel i feel aint quite cracked it yet nolans BATMAN is superb changed it about to make it look realistic an he has done that i just hope MARVEL can learn an do a kickas job with THE AVENGERS

  • Clearly this write has no clue. To my knowledge DC Comics has never made a movie that I’m aware of. Warner Brothers has made several and some were good and some were not that good. This guy is a perfect example of why you need to proof read what you write and wait until you calm down before submitting it.

    • Looks like you have no clue. DC is the main producer of the movies, moron. Warner Bros. is just the studio they partner with. -_-

      • Who owns DC? Oh thats right WB. Who makes movies? Yep its the WB. Who decides which movies get the green light, Yep WB. Sheesh and thats the best you have to call someone a moron, this is supposed to be about discussion, we don’t need to agree but I think we could all do without calling names.

  • Clearly this writer is Marvel biased. Even though I am a DC fan I have enjoyed some of the Marvel movies because I am familiar with many of the characters. This writer wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit him in the face. I enjoyed Green Lantern. Yes, it wasn’t a great movie, but it wasn’t terrible either. And as for Spider-man 3 that movie totally sucked. Sam Raimi did a great job with the first two movies and I hate Spider-man as a comic character. And this writer wants to talk about comic movies that suck, how about there Marvel movies: Elektra, X-men 3, X-men Origins: Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man 2, Ghost Rider and Hulk.
    Meanwhile, those Superman and Batman movies you hate are making a ton of money. Yes, I’ll admit some of them were bad, but they still made alot of money. So swallow that.

    • Only three of those movies were bad: Elektra, Hulk, and Iron Man 2.
      And I’d like to point out the LONG list of MARVEL movies that actually include different characters. DC has a list that consists of three characters. So swallow that.

  • Ok, ok now me (A DC fan) is going to have his say. I personally don’t give a shit what this guys beef is with DC comics, he couldn’t be more wrong. First off if you’re going to criticize DC characters for lack of originality take a look at Marvel’s slate. Tony Stark = Dead parents, wealthy. Spider-Man = Dead Parents & Uncle, and struggles with reaching puberty. DC characters have more grown up storylines and grittyness than anything you’d find in a Spider-Man comic book. Every character is phenomenally written and has far more depth than anything from Marvel not to mention the villains, apart from Doom and Magneto I can’t think of anyone who poses serious threat or keeps readers turning pages like Sinestro, Joker, Two-Face, Luthor, etc. The only reason reason DC doesn’t crank out 5 movies a year is because they don’t want to become a one trick pony like Marvel has and how can you criticize the Nolan movies. I’m thrilled Bane is in this movie, a complex, intelligent villain that deserved a proper screen role. I don’t count the Schumakker films as Batman movies and no legitimate Batman fan does. How did you want Bane 9 foot tall and 1000 pounds of solid muscle. It’s the nolan verse while not complete reality they lean towards the more realistic and the complete comic book bane is just not fitting. And while many people are clamoring for the Avengers movie next year, I think i’m the only one who is going to see this movie truly for what it will be: crap. You can’t fit all these high profile actors and heroes on one screen and tell a complete legitimate story in 2 hours and give everyone their alotted screen time.

    • There’s nothing “gritty” about DC. -_-

    • If you re-read the comment, I definitely was talking about origins and what fuels the character’s reason to become a hero. Tony Stark’s dad died of old age and had nothing to do with him becoming Iron Man. He was kidnapped in China and built the Mark I to escape. -_- How about you do a little research before you try coming at with that. I know what I’m talking about for both sides, DC and MARVEL. And DC doesn’t put out movies because when they venture away from their safety net of Batman and Superman they lose money, i.e. Green Lantern(which I enjoyed). And as far as Bane goes, it wasn’t about making him 9 foot tall or any of that, but his costume. He looks like a Hanibal Lector knock off.

    • Seriously, you don’t think Norman Virgil Osborn aka the Green Goblin is a threat, really?

  • Spider-Man 3 was HORRIBLE. Sorry, but I stopped as soon as I read “Spider-Man 3 wasn’t the best but it was a pretty good end to the series”, which was right near the beginning. Sorry, but after a statement like that, I can’t believe anything coming out of his mouth.

  • Realistically hollywood take creative licence to whole new levels much to our chagrin.
    First and foremost, Superman is NOT a tool, to look at it objectively he actually coined the term “Superhero”.
    Secondly, you don’t like the movies don’t watch them, simple aint it?
    Lastly if your going to write something like this expect people to jump on you for it.

    • Superman did not coin the word superhero. -_- He was the first mainstream one yes, but he certainly did not coin the term.
      And I did expect people to jump me for not liking DC. But like I said, I am a Batman fan.

  • my turn, realize i am a batman fan and love the character but…..superman a tool? you think batman is a better character, really? batman is a tool. to me superman is way more believable/interesting then batman by far. an alien with god like powers who makes the conscience choice every day not to abuse said power. he fights for what is right, never crossing a line that would make his job and everyone’s life much safer by just crushing every villains scull with a pinch of his fingers. a man who’s upbringing and value system turned him into a superhero not a monster. batman is a spoiled rich kid who watched his parents murdered in front of him. so what does he do with his billions of dollars? runs around with expensive toys at night beating up bad guys one by one. instead of using his vast wealth to subsidize humanitarian project to better the people of gotham. no he would much rather beat up a bad guy every night to release his rage about what happened to him family instead of ACTUALLY doing some REAL good. now i know this is comics we are talking about and a lot of real world logic does not apply, but to call one hero a tool over another seems ridiculous if by using logic they are a far better concept then the other. being positive, hopeful, and being a role model doesn’t make you a tool. and being a crazy person who beats people up to release pent up aggression and animosity doesn’t make you cool or more interesting. darker isnt always better.

  • the jolly reader

    i feel like the 1st 2 batman movies were great n im sure the script for this one will be no holds bars but i think hollywood just sucks @ casting n it all has do with who’s doing who. 1st off Anne Hathaway catwoman i think i jus puked in my own mouth. Catwoman is usually written as a woman that is equal if not better than men who better for that role than Michelle Rodgrigez. Secondly Bane is from South America and who is playing him? i dont kno what Nolan’s vision for the film is but its definately not EOE for supervillians lol but ive digressed… i think the bloggers were brilliant in casting jonny depp as riddler i mean what better way 2 come off the lost of the greatest joker ever. As far as Spiderman goes i think the scripts n action scenes where some of the greatest ever scene in comics gone hoolywood history.i believe if marvel put that kind of energy on the Civil War Saga they could make blockbuster history. I just think if hollywood actually listened to the true comic book lovers when making movies the world would be a better place with rainbows n butterflies :)

  • DC has very little to do with their actual films. These movies are disturbted and made by Warner Brothers (who gets most of the say in the final product). Warner Brothers is the same studio that prefers using Batman and Superman over anything else (not DC).

  • ramon what your talking is complete bollocks. in the comics bruce wayne supports lots of charities with his billions and as far as real world logic goes think thing through! why is Batman the one and only true superhero? Because he is the only comic superhero that everyman on this planet can dream about being and possibly become due to him not having any superpowers what so ever! you say “you think batman is a better character, really? batman is a tool. to me superman is way more believable/interesting then batman by far. an alien with god like powers who makes the conscience choice every day not to abuse said power. he fights for what is right, never crossing a line that would make his job and everyone’s life much safer by just crushing every villains scull with a pinch of his fingers.” the prblem there being that as you state superman is an alien with godlike powers! as i’ve said Batman is a normal human being and far more believable than any other character that marvel or dc print. also Batman has taken a moral stand and does not use firearm in his battle against crime. Drae goes on about nolan ruining bane and catwoman , sorry don’t agree bout catwoman. the one that ruined catwoman was michelle pffifer for me cos she acted the part like you’d expect a female stipper would act it on stage as she’s dancing! as far as bane goes i would rather see a proper actor in the part than cgi but as there are no actors that size i’ll wait and see the movie before having an opinion with regards to that

  • i think this guy is a tool instead of defending dc movies you turn around and insult them you are an ass my friend

  • I thought the DCU was fine until this horrible reboot came along and I don’t expect it forever and I expect to see the real DC heroes again eventually and some people have failed to realize that apparently, the reboot is being fueled by ego and that’s never a good thing.
    So for now, i will stick with marvel because unlike them fools in DC now, the writers and artists not only like the marvel characters, but also have respect for them and it’s continuity.

  • Don’t care waht this guy says that new spiderman is gonna suck!

  • All you people saying that superman coined the term superhero. Look up the term superhero u nitwits. Batman is a vigalante with no powers and every other marvel and dc movie has heroes who have gained powers. So superman is the only true hero. That’s that part over with. Yes there have been some pitiful movies but without the failure of batman forever and batman and robin would the nolan series have been as awesome as they are coz if you look at the tim burton films they were quite dark and violent so nolan has just re-introduced that aspect to a new generation. And just sayin I am probably one of the biggest superman fans I know. Yes there superman films have sucked since the legendary christopher reeves stopped being the man of steel. But people still pay to go and watch them and why because superman is undeniablly the most recognized character in the world. Now for a list of movies that people r slating that I personally enjoy watching : Daredevil. Every X-Men movie, the original 3 spidermans, the fantastic 4, Captain america, iron man 2 and both hulk movies. And the reason I enjoy them is because I am a comic book fan and deep down every person wishes they could see what its like if the pages moved. And that’s what the movies do they bring all of our favourite characters to life. So I don’t see why people r getting over zealous about this when really we are all moaning about nothing.

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