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Well I think with the release of the final installment of Harry Potter its about time we at World of Superheroes finally paid tribute to the amazing Emma Watson.

As I am not a massive Harry Potter fan nore am I am Emma Watson know it all, I will not attempt to cut and shut some wikapedia knowldge as a bio, I will leave this to you guys. If you love Emma and think you can do her Justice with a great bio please feel free to send it to dj@worldofsuperheroes.com

I will how ever leave some images I have gathered for you to comment on…

Here are our other Galleries!

As always if you have pics we don’t send them to dj@worldofsuperheroes.com and they will be added!

Anne Hathaway – Catwoman

Rebbecca Romijn – Mystique

Emma Stone – Gwen Stacey

Megan Fox – Transformers and Jonah Hex

Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique (Young)

Amanda Righetti – Staring in Avengers and Captain america

Amy Adams – Lois Lane in Man of Steel

Blake Lively – Star Sapphire in Green Lantern

Emma Watson – Hermoine

Halle Berry – Storm and Catwoman

Hayley Atwell – Starred in Captain America as Peggy

Jennifer Garner – Elektra

Jessica Alba – Ms Invisible

Linda Carter – Wonder Woman

Olivia Wilde – Starred in Cowboys and Aliens

Scarlett Johanson – Black Widow in Iron Man and Avengers

Laura Vandervoot – Supergirl in Smallville

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