Gallery & Interview with Photographer Adam Jay.

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Photographer Adam Jay has talked with us here at Worldofsuperheroes about what he is up to at the moment and his plans for the future.
Lets get cracking then!!
Hollywood: “Hello Adam. Thanks for talking with us about your work. Having a photographer is a bit different for our site but it looked very interesting the things you were doing. So first, how long have you been producing art for??”
Adam: I have only recently entered the SuperHero Photography world with my first shoot placing in Miami this past December.  I was lucky enough to be shooting one of the most convincing Wolverine cosplayers in Iam Logan.  This guy really brought the character to life with the mannerisms, the outfits and the props !  He really is a master at what he does!  Not only is he good at what he does but he also makes all his own props, ie claws, costumes, My Harley Quinn Hammer & Pop Gun !  Along for the ride were fellow SuperHero cosplayers Max Power & Alexia Jean Grey who took on the roles of Harley Quinn, Psylocke, Dark Phoenix and X-23.
Hollywood: It sounds like you really enjoy working with your models. Which I suppose makes the shooting easier for both of you. How did you get into photography then?? What has got you to this point??
Adam: Well I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere special at the moment but I plan to be at the top by the end of the year (wherever the top is !!!).  I’ve been doing photography for the past 3 years and decided to combine my love for superhero/villains with photography to create something truly Epic !
Hollywood: It definitely sounds like a great job for any Superhero fan. What influenced you to step out of the box??
Adam: Hmmm tough one, as I am only beginning to discover who are good photographer within the Cosplay industry.  It will take a while to work out whom I like and inspires me, one such photographer is Joseph Chi Lin, I would say he has a lovely clean style.  I will be trying to do the opposite and achieving a darker moody style.  I want people to look at my work and think it could be from a movie still or poster.
Hollywood: I know you have just started using Superheroes in your shoots but which is your favourite character to work with??
Adam: Well seeing as I have only done one shoot so far, I think I struck gold with Iam Logan and really don’t think I will find a better Wolverine!!!
Hollywood: I do love the Wolverine images you have done, the model brought such character to Wolverine. What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself producing more and more Superhero photography??
Adam: My plans for 2012 ?  I want to be one of the leading SuperHero/Villain/Cosplayer Photographers.  I want to create a Global brand in SuperHero Photography & (go check the video !!!).  The other aim is to also network and forge great friendships and align myself with the right brands who share the same vision.  It’s going to be a busy year !!
Check out the trailer below fans:

Sounds like you have a great job going there Adam. Keep us updated on your photos… We would love to see more Superhero shots!!

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Check out more of Adams photos in the gallery below:


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