Interview with French Web Designer Arian Novier.

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I found French Web Designer Arian Novier’s work looking through the internet for Superhero artwork to show you fans. His take on Superheroes drew me in as an artist straight away… so I had to get in touch and found out about him and his work…
Hollywood: Arian thanks for chatting with us at worldofsuperheroes about your work, especially your Superhero pieces. Is it right that you specialise in Graphic Design?
Arian: Above all I am (officially) a web designer, But I am, since my youngest age, attracted by the graphic art and  by passion, a graphic artist in my soul. I follow closely the evolution of the artists who interest me, and does not hesitate to risk multiple kind of graphics and digital design methods.

Hollywood: Hesitation in the art community is what makes the difference between great art and not… it’s great to hear that you represent the risk takers in the art community… so how long have you been creating art for?
Arian: I am 28 and have been drawing since my 7 years

Hollywood: Many artists we talk to have loved creating art, in different ways, since they were younger… creativity is what drives most children to express themselves but now as an adult, with knowledge and experience, what is your main influence?
Arian: I’ve always been attracted by da Vinci and Dali but Japanese and British art have always influenced me.
Hollywood: Two very well-known artists who didn’t hesitate to put their creations forward… I really do love the modern take on your Superhero though inspired pieces… What gave you the idea?
Arian: First, I wanted to try to create brushes for photoshop, then I wanted to redo what I doing as a child, a fact that I realized through the paint and a toothbrush.
and what better way to do this with superheroes?
Hollywood: Definitely. Superheroes grab audiences because of their cotumes, colours, attitude, relevance etc. …
Personally for you Arian… what are your favourite characters to work with ??
Arian: I love Batman but superman is not far behind him, which one is yours?


Hollywod: I think Batman is a favourite for most… For me he is. But favourite?? I couldn’t pick one from many. I love Wolverine, Spider-Man, venom, Ghost Rider, NightCrawler, Hellboy… You can probably tell I like dark characters. One last question Arian… what are your plans for the future?
Arian: No plan for the future, I’m pretty carpe diem, I would test again and even more style, why not draw on the wood and expose the whole?

In any case, I do not want to miss a style i like, i do not envy someone, i want to create what i dream, and why not become well known via my creations.

Spoken like a true free spirited artist… you go where the wind blows. Thank you very much for talking to us about your work and letting us see your stunning visual representaion of Superheroes. Good luck to you and look forward to talking to you about more of your work in the future.

Make sure you check out his site and his facebook.

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